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Year 8 - Portfolio Task - FILM - Movie Review Example

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It is an adaptation of the popular William Shakespea’s novel Romeo and Juliet. The film presents a story revolving around the turbulent love relationship between Romeo and Juliet whom…
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Year 8 - Portfolio Task - FILM REVIEW
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Extract of sample "Year 8 - Portfolio Task - FILM"

Movie Review Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a romantic drama that was directed by Luhrmann Baz and released in 1996. It is an adaptation of the popular William Shakespea’s novel Romeo and Juliet. The film presents a story revolving around the turbulent love relationship between Romeo and Juliet whom upon getting juxtaposed to one another beat all the odds to remain together no matter what it take.
Indeed, this is a very successful film because it is a product of quality production. First, it features a lot of reputable and distinguished actors and actresses such as Paul Sorvino, Fulgencio Capule, Diane Venora, Claire Danes, and Leonardo DiCaprio to feature leading characters like Romeo, Juliet, Ted Montague, Caroline Montague, Tybalt Capulet, Brian Dennehy and Christina Pickles. These were carefully selected actors who suit the characters they represent. Apart from possessing all the character traits of their respective characters, these actors perfectly fit the physical features of the characters as they were presented in the play. By perfectly playing their roles, the film becomes lively and a real depiction of a love story as it was intended by Shakespeare.
The organization of the film was quite good. With everything going as planned, the director succeeded in delivering the theme of love which was the main focus of the film. Each of the scenes of the play was staged in the appropriate context in which it ought to have been. By constantly tracing the dialogue between characters like Romeo and Juliet, it becomes much easier to know the film’s main theme. The action of these protagonists is representational and can be relied upon to explain the theme of love. All these were comically presented so as to make the film appealing and entertaining to the audience.
In terms of cinematography, I would like say that it was a product of quality production. As a love story, the film would not be interesting if it does not incorporate the elements of music, sound track and lighting. These are cinematographic techniques that could not be left out in the film. Their inclusion gave the film its real meaning and the picture it deserves. For instance, the use of sound tracks likes "To You I Bestow," "Pretty Piece of Flesh," "Little Star," and "Pretty Piece of Flesh" in different scenes of the film made it to manipulate the audience’s mood. Because of this, the film became a real love story. Their choice was a good one because they could help in depicting a happy and sad moment in the film.
In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet is an educating, entertaining and informing film. Its worth watching because it can leave one yearning for more. Its production was properly done. Apart from having a good choice of artists, it incorporated the use of cinematographic techniques including music and light. These actually made the film to be an ideal one that everyone willing to be entertained and enjoy a love film should look for. It is worth watching. Read More
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