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Perception of mathematics of first year students - Literature review Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Perception of Mathematics of First Year Students Perception of mathematics among students in their first year of study greatly determines their success in the subject. Perception of the subject will determine the attitudes and the level of confidence the student approaches the subject…
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Perception of mathematics of first year students
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Extract of sample "Perception of mathematics of first year students"

Download file to see previous pages Most first year students will perceive mathematics as a difficult subject and preserved for the bright and interested students. These negative perceptions make most first year students, in most cases girls approach the subject with a negative attitude, and this undermines their performance. The study of mathematics in schools has not been distinctively defined, and it is not a culture or value free field (Ernest, 2000). This means that mathematics in schools is not viewed as being the same as mathematics in other academic fields or research areas. Appreciating mathematics among first year students is usually expressed in their ability of comprehending the major branches and notions of mathematics. It is also viewed as the ability of students to establish the interconnections or interdependencies that exist in the field. The study of mathematics usually compels its communal applications in the fields of governance, commerce, education along with industry. Traditionally, mathematics was viewed as compulsory for all students who had ambitions of venturing into various academic fields (Ernest, 2000). However, this has changed with most students in the modern times not viewing it as vital for every member of their population. This is because of the revolution going on across many academic fields (Ducksworth, 2008). Students across many schools perceive mathematics as a study reserved for a few people who are left in charge of controlling the major systems in their economies (Ernest, 2000). This is because they view it is a hard subject and this negative perception undermines performance. Success achieved in the field of mathematics is not perceived by the students to be the main determinant of economic success within a country (Clements, Sarama & DiBiase, 2004). The students perceive mathematics as not being the most important element of the revolution of information. They view the other subjects taught in the school curriculums and skills acquired through every day practice as being the most vital determinants of the revolution in information (Ernest, 2000). Students in their first year of school perceive the study of mathematics as a study of doing things (Marshall, 2007). Very few students are involved in reading mathematical textbooks and are instead involved in the act of solving problems through doing actual things (Clements, Sarama & DiBiase, 2004). The language that is used in studying mathematics in schools is composed of imperatives that command students to perform certain tasks in specific ways. This implies that the capabilities of studying mathematics are perceived by students as being dominant and covering their overall studies in different fields (Ducksworth, 2008). Additionally, students perceive mathematics as a field that requires their understanding and abilities to work out problems (Marshall, 2007). This looks like a task for many students, and they will approach mathematics with a bad attitude, which challenges their performance. Many first year students also believe that one cannot develop an appreciation for the field of mathematics without him or her having the capability of working out solutions (Ernest, 2000). According to Popham (2005), some of the students fail to achieve a high performance in schools due to the overvaluing or undervaluing of the field’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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