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Whats wrong with buying counterfeit goods - Essay Example

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It is a global concern that this vice is creeping into critical sectors that concerns life as observed in healthcare provision. Besides, governments are losing millions in revenue as such…
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Whats wrong with buying counterfeit goods
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Extract of sample "Whats wrong with buying counterfeit goods"

What’s wrong with buying counterfeit goods? The debate on counterfeit products is raging across the world for various negative reasons. It is a global concern that this vice is creeping into critical sectors that concerns life as observed in healthcare provision. Besides, governments are losing millions in revenue as such counterfeit producers evade taxes. The society is at the risk of poor quality products hence the need to address the consequences of buying such products.
Counterfeit products are manufactured without legal approval of government authorities. This means they skip quality checks and obviously bear weaknesses that pose risk of losing money or harm to the consumers. For instance, buying a counterfeit mobile phone will obviously cost the client due to possible short life span besides poor irradiation regulation systems in the phone. The customer always faces at least a possibility of regretting the exorbitant price paid against poor quality and short-lived product.
The law is very clear when it comes to products to be bought. It is therefore the liability of the customer if found in possession of a counterfeit product. The consequences include arrests and prosecutions which factor in additional monetary costs, psychological pressure and physical health deterioration. This is particularly obvious in line with the legal requirement that direct customers to buy from companies that their products pass through government quality check. Counterfeit products particularly medical have led to loss of life. The medical prescriptions and subsequent purchase of counterfeit medicine has resulted into poisoning or opposite effect that only worsen the condition of the patient and in extreme cases die.
It is a general advice to the society to uphold the spirit of awareness against counterfeit buying. The cost goes beyond monetary but the good news is that this mistake can well be taken care of by the society. Read More
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