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Alex Kotlowitz digs with acute intelligence into daily life struggles experienced by two brothers, Lafayette and Pharaoh, in his insightful book titled “There Are No Children Here.” It is a highly praised book because of the way it details the story of two young brothers…
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There Are No Children Here
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Download file to see previous pages trating great unwillingness to leave the place at the high point in the city significantly related to my personal life and also affected me personally. Pharaoh is a young boy of only nine at that time when he goes with his brother and other boys to that high point in the city from where they could watch the downtown skyline. The children go there looking for snakes, but Pharaoh gets distracted by nature as they are about to leave when the night begins to fall. This small moment in Pharaoh’s life moved me on a personal level and made me feel nostalgic of my own childhood. When I was about nine or ten myself, I suffered the loss of my grandfather with whom I was really close emotionally and psychologically. He was the most influential figure in my life because he was there for me always when my parents due to their hectic working schedules could not make it. When I lost him to a case of heart disease, I became very gloomy and used to feel tired all the time.
However, one day my parents took me for hiking at a hilly area which is known for boasting some very natural and beautiful views. I remember how being at that place made me feel exactly like Pharaoh felt in that scene from the story. That moment breaks my heart and reminisces of my own past when the little boy cannot bring himself to leave the place because he is so engrossed in the view of diving sparrows returning to their nests and the smell of wildflowers that the harsh realities of real life totally release him from their shackles for a while. Adolescents have raw minds which explains why they are so impressionable. They are highly receptive to what their surroundings have to offer which can be good or bad. For Pharaoh, the environment of the bad neighborhood in which destiny forced him to live offered him bad memories to escape which he longed to stay forever at the place which offered overwhelmingly beautiful views of birds and nature. Similarly, the death of my grandfather made me hung up on the time I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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There Are No Children Here Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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