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Guidelines are essential when an evaluation is required to choose the parent suitable to have the custody of a child. These guidelines are represented in a symbolic interactionism perspective to determine a suitable person to have the custody of children…
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Who Should Have Custody of Children
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Download file to see previous pages Issues explained in the paper involve the consideration of the child’s interest upon which both parties need to agree. Availability, commitment and physical and mental health statuses among other issues have been considered to explain how to determine reasonable features of a suitable parent. Also discussed is the relationship expected from both parents regardless of who is granted the custody of the children; hence being advised to handle separately their interpersonal difficulties and their responsibility to take care of the children. Who Should Have Custody of Children In the recent past, most jurisdictions in courts have developed a common practice to request for a mental health assessment when it comes to assessing children and their families, when the custody of a child is in question. Sadly, expert appointment standards have a variation; hence judicial determination on who will do the evaluations is random and distinctive. To find the solution to the problem of variation of expertise and to make the process more organized various locales have a set of guidelines for child custody evaluation professionals. This paper explores the guidelines that should be considered when assessing the suitability of the one to have custody of children. ...
According to Greene and Heilbrun (2010), the bond is likely to be stronger and healthier to the parent who was the primary child caretaker when the child was still very young. If the gap in between when the child was young and that of the time of evaluation is greater, then the likelihood that other factors will operate is greater too. The existence of another bond like a pathological bond would not argue for designation of the primary parent (Cochrane, 2008). The other criterion has a focus on the capacity to be a parent. This involves the ability and knowledge of a parent to guide, give instructions and offer desirable care to the child. It focuses on compared capability of the parents to effectively bring up the children knowing their rearing techniques and use of humane and reasonable measures to discipline them (Buss and Maclean, 2011). The number one role model to children is their parents. That is, undesired values and unhealthy moral behaviors are most expected to be transmitted to the child if the parent’s values are poor. The evaluator is then expected to check on the personality qualities that the child in question can emulate and be identified with (Cordell 2007). Cordell also continues to explain why availability should be given consideration by the evaluator. The evaluator is expected to assess how parents view their work and how it affects the time spent with the child. Other plans such as child care plans should be considered with their appropriateness. According to Rohrbaugh (2007), comparison of the parent’s commitment in regards to curricular and extracurricular activities is also a criterion that should guide the evaluator. Parent’s appreciation and genuine commitment to the child’s education not only can it be seen by what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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