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Within the summary section, it is inherent to acknowledge the fact that young people and parents experience various hitches in their relationship at a given household setting. …
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Download file to see previous pages Family units usually work as a system whereby various parties and social aspect interact with each other in order to provide a stable environment for child support. In some instances, parents may possess character traits that affect their role of discharging parenting responsibilities to their minors. O’Byrne and Milner (2009) says that as a social worker, analysis of practical situations leads to development of objective understanding on the nature of environments where children develop within any given family setting. In this context, the essay focus on the nature of nurture within a subject teenage daughter named Tara, within an unfavorable household setting with her mother Gina. The social work assessment in this context provided a detailed analysis of actual happenings within a dysfunctional family setting. Tara features as the main subject through which one can get to appreciate importance of essential child needs during development period. The problem in subject started when Gina’s parents separated when 14 years after Gina’s birth. As a result, Gina started embracing negative habits within her society. In the process, she started experimenting on alcohol and other drugs. Consequently, poor self control attributed to intense drug abuse translated into negative sexual behaviors. At this juncture, a series of undesirable events manifested in Gina’s life including child birth at age of 19 years, confession of her unapproved sexuality, mental breakdown caused by excessive depression and finally getting her second child out of a one night stand. Gina is a heavy drinker who spends a substantial amount of money on alcohol and other drugs. In the long run, lack of responsibility as a parent presents difficulties to her daughter Tara as a young teenager needing family support and assurance of social stability. Relevant social care authorities have tried to engage their efforts into mitigating Gina’s problems as a mother. However, Gina remains introverted and could choose to keep her own problems as private matters. Based on the core assessment report, it is evident that Tara has various necessities as a child undergoing teenage growth. An example of Tara’s developmental need features as her health status seems inappropriate and unsuitable for her age. Tara is underweight with respect to her age. However, Tara appears unaware of the fact that her body weight falls below health expectations. On the other hand, the subject’s mother remains oblivious of her daughter’s health well being. She responds by insinuating that Tara is a healthy child because she has not portrayed any medical complications. Howe (1999) insinuates that Gina’s mother is not in a position to supplement health diet for her family. Tara reports to depend on random snacks and chocolate on several occasions during dinner time. Apart from physical needs, Tara’s family setting deprives her of the much needed emotional atmosphere for stable development. In the process of social work assessment, Tara demonstrated significant degree of anxiety and emotional discomfort when responding to questions concerning her family. As a teenage girl, Tara started experiencing her first menstrual periods. According to Department for Children, Schools and families (2010), these periods are usually accompanies with hormonal imbalances, which causes fluctuation in moods on a subject. Based on the immediate environment within her family, Tara experiences difficulties in approaching her mother about the issue. As a result of constant emotional distress, Tara has not developed many constructive relationships with other members of the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CHILDREN AND FAMILY CARE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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