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Application for the University of San Diego - Essay Example

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The mission of the University of San Diego is to “advance academic excellence, expand liberal and professional knowledge, to create a diverse and inclusive community, and to prepare leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service” (University of San Diego, 1)…
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Application for the University of San Diego
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Extract of sample "Application for the University of San Diego"

Application for the of San Diego The mission of the of San Diego is to “advance academic excellence, expand liberal and professional knowledge, to create a diverse and inclusive community, and to prepare leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service” (University of San Diego, 1). The mission summarizes all elements that will define my success in not only academics, but also achievement of professional goals. In relation to this, I can confirm that one of my goals in life is to excel in academic so that I can be in a position to compete with other graduates from different universities. Fortunately, the University of San Diego unlike my current institution is dedicated to ensuring that it achieves its mission “advance academic excellence” through providing quality education to its students. I also believe that quality education, in addition, to supporting by the institution will enable me achieve my professional goals. The University of San Diego takes part in the expansion of an individual’s professional knowledge. Through this element, I am assured that the university will enable me juggle my professional goal. One of the things that I will like to be incorporated in me as a professional leader in future is the willingness and readiness to work in any community and with persons from different backgrounds. This leadership element, however, is determined by the institution of study. Unlike my current institution, the University of San Diego prepares students for professional positions such as leadership in future through advocating ethical conduct and provision of compassionate service.
Religious faith is one of the elements that enhance success in life. It is through religious faith that people manage to accept each other despite different backgrounds. Unlike many institutions, the University of San Diego advocates observance of religious lifestyle (University of San Diego, 1). This is evidenced by its core values that include promoting the intellectual discovery of religious faith and cultivation of an active faith community. In relation to this, it is evident that many institutions do not associate themselves with the spiritual growth of students. However, the University of San Diego employs Catholic tradition in enhancing dignity, as well as development of a person (University of San Diego, 1). Additionally, it is evident that the University of San Diego is the only university that embraces the Catholic moral as well as social tradition among all the universities I am applying. The Catholic moral and social tradition was some of the things that I was taking into consideration when applying for a university admission. I can confirm that the lifestyle in institutions contributes significantly to the conduct portrayed by many graduates after school in the working fields. In relation to this, many graduates find it hard to relate well in working environments because of the character they acquired from their institutions. However, students who graduate from the University of San Diego are often disciplined and with the zeal to work in any environment. The elements portrayed by the students of the University of San Diego are as a result of the university taking part in fashioning a humane world.
Work Cited
University of San Diego. Mission and Vision. 2004. Web. 5 March 2015. Read More
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