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What is happiness - Essay Example

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Happiness can be an insinuation or a reality. Happiness is variable. For someone happiness can be a bed of roses or a loved one’s embrace. For others happiness can be confined events such as childbirth and marriage. Happiness cannot be the…
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What is happiness
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Extract of sample "What is happiness"

English Essay Information What is Happiness? Describe to me what happiness is. Happiness can be an insinuation or a reality. Happiness is variable. For someone happiness can be a bed of roses or a loved one’s embrace. For others happiness can be confined events such as childbirth and marriage. Happiness cannot be the same for everyone or something that is readymade and available. “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your actions” as The Dalai Lama quoted (Jones, n.d, p.g 8).
It is important to understand that happiness is not a pinnacle or a turning point in our lives. The ability to be happy and achieve a state of happiness is engraved in our souls and personalities since we come into being. Hence we should not just end up at being happy after living our lives. We should not “at last” reach happiness after our grim years and lifelong struggles. This feeling is best described as “Happiness is not a brilliant climax to years of grim struggle and anxiety. It is a long succession of little decisions simply to be happy in the moment”, as penned down by J. Donald Walters (, n.d, p.g 57).
Happiness is not what we want but it is what we need. It is food for soul. To be happy in life, we need to take advantage of opportunities and to follow our dreams. Happiness slaps us in the face when we are down. Happiness takes us out of our deepest sorrows. Happiness is like a light that guides us through the path of our life. Happiness is not unattainable or difficult. Happiness is an emotion that drives and guides us. Happiness sows in us a seed of hope. Hope that we should live by. Hope that should make us strive, hope that makes us struggle. Happiness is to smile, feel and see.
A lot of questions can be asked about happiness. Most of these questions are exaggerated questions as everyone’s happiness is variable. There is no right answer to what happiness is. The human heart is the main sensor for happiness. It feels and craves deeply. The heart is like an ocean. The heart is like the sky. The heart is vast in its likings. It feels happiness very momentarily and rather than living in the moment it tends to look for other things. Unhappiness is also an emotion felt by the heart. Unhappiness is dominant over happiness as it has the capability to cling to our souls and hearts. Happiness is a symbol or a metaphor whereas unhappiness is a story. This story can make or break our lives. Hence it is important to engrave happiness in our souls. It is also must for a person to ask themselves where their happiness lies and with who their happiness doubles.
Our happiness should not be dependent on other’s will but it should be generated within. It is a state in which we should not let any hardship or hurdle brings us down. This emotion is eternal and inexhaustible. Our maker has bestowed upon us an emotion which is inexhaustible and never-ending. Happiness should be in our eyes when we envision something or someone that gives us joy. Happiness should be heard by us when we listen to something for example a favorite song. Happiness should also be associated with when we smell something we love. Happiness also lies when we taste something we love. Especially and above all happiness is in a dear one’s touch. Happiness, happiness and happiness is not just confined to me. Happiness is everywhere and in everyone. The only battle we face is to find our source of joy. We need to encompass happiness in our souls and we also need to spread happiness among other. Happiness is wise, warm and comforting. This trait also relaxing, soothing and addictive. Once you get a hold of happiness, it becomes hard not to be happy.
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