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The purpose of advertisement and reach out to the clients has seen new multi dimensional pattern practices through social media. Surveys…
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Combine sources
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Unlocking the power of social media: According to IAB based studies the Social media and online social networking has emerged as a vibrant force towards attracting the customers. The purpose of advertisement and reach out to the clients has seen new multi dimensional pattern practices through social media. Surveys conducted reveal that the “Like” option, along with tagging leads to improved rate of customer attraction and purchase. “The study finds that large number of social networking sites users were around aged 39” (IAB, 2013).
Further IAB contests that a critical constraint is advised towards using social media for promotion. This includes ensuring that excessive updates do not fill in the inboxes and screens of social media users. Smart usage of social media has paid dividends in form of increased sales, higher rate of turn outs and improved customer to service provider relationship. Relevance to the purpose of sales and client interest must be kept for a priority in overall process.
Jasper the dog found after social media campaign goes viral:
B.B.C undertakes a study with regard to the usage of social media and it has found out that it is not just limited to commercial aspects, rather routine life social activities. One similar example came forth when in Lake District a dog went missing from its owner. An online activity through the social networking websites where the post went in the community like the jungle fire allowed for finding the pet dog.
The owner of the pet said “I am over the moon to announce the safe return of my best friend Jasper”.
B.B.C further states that the page so set in the name of “Just Giving” had portion for collecting money for the purpose of undertaking the operation and search activities (Cumbria, 2014). It was ultimately through the Face Book that allowed for finding the dog in the same region. The rescue teams were brought into action that ultimately brought the pet dog to its owner.
Cumbria, 2014. Jasper the dog found after social media campaign goes viral, Lake District: BBC.
IAB, 2013. unlocking the power of social media, London: Internet Advertising Bureau Read More
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Combine Sources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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