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Writing 1 - Essay Example

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It largely observes and conducts surveillance activities on online traffic and via phone calls recording. This has led to questioning with regard to…
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Writing 1
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Extract of sample "Writing 1"

Download file to see previous pages the pleas presented were based on the fact that privacy is being eroded. Federal Court was moved in this regard in order to assess and specify the limits and scope of their working and check the nature of questions presented before the jury. By the end of the hearing, the court announced that the practices of National Security Agency did not violate any major civil rights or privacy rules majorly (LIPTAK). Prior to the recent ruling, a former case undertaken with this regard assessed the scenario and termed the working of N.S.A as obstructing the privacy and basic rights of ordinary citizens.
The set of recommendations have come forth on account of response to the concerns expressed by Jeff Jarvis in a further response to the findings and decision made by the Federal Court (Jarvis). In one of the proceedings and case result the court termed the activities of N.S.A as that of one leading the country towards a totalitarian state outlook with no private life protection and privacy respect.
In order and effort to make up for the concerns of number of citizens, a ten point recommendation plan has been suggested with aims of providing the N.S.A a working mechanism which will allow for a more transparent, efficient and little controversial working mechanism with regard to privacy and public personal life (Brand). For the purpose a Board has been brought into force with regard to the working of the N.S.A and possible definition of its scope and privacy breach protection. These recommendations include the following:
The board advised the N.S.A for a possible redefinition of the identifying and then targeting a particular suspect action or individual. This will allow for a better understanding of the scenario with regard to the privacy protection. This part of recommendation largely pertains to the cooperation with the foreign security agencies and the American citizens monitoring who may be outside the American soil.
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