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Impact of Technology and Community Policing on Eliminating the Street Gangs - Essay Example

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The author examines the impact of technology and community policing on eliminating the street gangs. Working with the community gives the authority an opportunity to understand why the street gangs mushroom in the society Since the entry of the technology in the market, the police force has been able to improve the security levels in the streets and public parks…
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Impact of Technology and Community Policing on Eliminating the Street Gangs
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Extract of sample "Impact of Technology and Community Policing on Eliminating the Street Gangs"

Download file to see previous pages Since the entry of the technology in the market, the police force has been able to improve the security levels in the streets and public parks. In an example, through CCTV cameras and other technologies, it has become possible for the police to react on time, an aspect that has played a significant role in reducing cases of murder and extortions in the neighborhoods. This is an indication that the government and the people need to embrace the use of technology in curbing crimes and crime related activities. For instance, the police need to shift from the use of the traditional methods of communities and instead start the use of social media in order to receive the grievances from the residents. This would play a significant role in ensuring that there is no vacuum in the society which can be used by the gangs to terrorize the locals. In addition, it would enable the police to be up-to-date with what is happening. Moreover, such technology would be significant in providing a platform where the law enforcers can interact and share ideas on how to improve the security in the area. The local people are the ones who are affected. As a result, they might give options or ideas on how to eliminate the street gangs in the society.
Street gangs exist in areas where there is no effective coordination between the law enforcers and the local population. In many cases, citizens accuse the law enforcers of complacency, especially when dealing with petty issues. However, when young generation is brought up in lawless areas, they are likely to fall into the acts of the gangs. Therefore, the parents and the police need to work together in order to ensure that all people are safe. This cannot be achieved when there are blame games between the police and the public. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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