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This piece of art has been done to communicate a message to its intended destination. This artist has exercised the styles that…
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How can we describe this art peace
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Modern art Modern art is the creative response practice of various artists given the ideas that arose due to technological advances during the industrial age. This piece of art has been done to communicate a message to its intended destination. This artist has exercised the styles that came with innovative ways of modern art. Various groups and individuals through artwork have worked to display their own way of understanding the concepts and ways of bringing to picture form a message that is deep within an artist’s imagination.
Art has greatly progressed on how it has been presented over time. Notwithstanding challenges to be able to put it in art form for instance this powerful representation. This piece clearly shows the expertise of an artist and the way that it is painted. During industrial revolution, between 18th century and 19th century, growth in art had gone a notch higher by 19th century. Technology has made it easier to the creativity part of Modern art. Various artists, sculptors, writers and various performers as a group and others that have also pursued it individually through ideas have used different approach to come up with the latest in the field of art making. In as much as art began back in 1850 when art styles had been defined and redefined, artists who through audacity tirelessly worked to realize each new style through tried to come up with a visual language which was original and did represent the time.
This piece of art portrays the stylistic diversity of art that has been embraced by this particular artist. The picture clearly shows a female human head which partly gives a view of the interior that’s under the skin, with an arts mind in play. This piece is creative on the size of the eye vividly portrays the wider view by which individual can portray their imagination into a reality. The size of the eye reflects the scope through which a good aim is maintained. This also stresses the feeling the artist had in mind well portrayed in art piece.
The tilt of the head, gestures a thinking look by the piece. Various artists have carried abstraction to greater heights through radical and cheap ways of composition with addition of the color, this clearly exposes fundamental principles that are that gauge the appearances. Such were portrayed by painters such as Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)
Abstract ideas and visual representation of an art has proved beyond doubt that art has revolved over time. The imagination put in art piece clearly shows the intention of the artist for best results to be realized. The size of the eye fixes the imagination that the art has a goal to better an achievement. Better results are found by people are focused best depicted by the size of the eye and the tilt of the head. And the position of the eye being that it rests on the forehead and covers the whole forehead plus its protrusion.
This piece of art is a fine art with additional imagination and creativity way that it has been portrayed drawn. The altering of eye position from its natural position to the implant on the forehead, covering the entire forehead has a deeper meaning and the message the artist is trying to bring out. Anything artistic has got a deep meaning and a message.
This piece of art has depicted what a particular artist has in mind while painting and drawing Political, criticism, religion and other aspects of life have been portrayed by different forms of art. Through coloring, lighting and other techniques, this particular artist in this piece of art has clearly expressed what is in their mind and communicating to everyone silently by penning them down artistically by painting and coloring. Read More
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