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Copyright - Research Paper Example

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Copyright is an authorized act that is formed by the statute of a nation, which awards the inventor of unique work exclusive privileges to its application and distribution. This study focuses on copyright infringement and the rights of media consumers, how these infringements…
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Download file to see previous pages This is usually for a short period, with the aim of allowing the inventor to get reimbursement for their unique work. Inventors are individual like an author of a book, music artist, software designer, video producer, among others. Moreover, copyright is a technique of intelligent assets used to any expressed illustration of imaginative work. It is frequently shared between numerous authors, who individually hold a set of authorizations to license or practice the work. This individual is known as rights holders.
These authorizations often comprise of distribution, control over derivative work, public performance, ethical sanctions such as attribution and lastly reproduction. Copyright violation or infringement has had a substantial effect on the global economy. This is the illegal use of works that are governed by a copyright statute, violating certain exclusive privileges given to the rights holder. Furthermore, for work to be considered as infringing copyright, its usage must have befallen in a state that has local copyright rules or obeys a joint tragedy or recognized global agreements. Inappropriate usage of materials outside the law is not considered as copyright infringement rather it is considered as unauthorized edition (Cockburn, 2005).
The violation of copyrights frequently happens with music, film and software. Nevertheless, copyright infringement on books and other writing are normal, particularly for scholastic reasons. However, statistics concerning the impacts of copyright infringement are hard to find out. Millions of jobs and billions of dollars are lost each and every year to copyright violation. Research has tried to find out whether businesses affected by the infringement of copyrights are prone to financial loss by forecasting what quota of pirated share would have been acquired legally if it were not easily available. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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...; musical; dramatic; pantomimes and choreographics; pictorial, graphic and audiovisual; sound recordings; architectural); it must be original, meaning it is not copied, and; it must be fixed in any tangible medium, which means that the work must be permanent that it can be appreciated by the senses, copied and be communicated (Dannenberg 2010 pp. 49-54). Claudette does not have a copyright on her work because it does not fulfill all the requirements of copyrightability: it is not fixed because it was not recorded or filmed, although it was original and a work of authorship. On the other hand, Martine does not have a copyright on her either because it is not original having been copied from Claudette’s work although she has recorded...
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...infringement, under the US laws, is the copying or substantial reproduction of materials that are protected by the copyright law (Miller & Jentz 2007 155). A group of music companies led by A&M Records, Inc. brought an action against Napster for copyright violation, with preliminary injunction, in the District Court for the Northern District of California. In 2000, Judge Marilyn Patel accordingly issued a preliminary injunction against Napster enjoining the latter from “engaging in or facilitating others in copying, downloading, uploading, transmitting or distributing plaintiff’s copyrighted” (A&M Records, Inc. v Napster, Inc. 2000 114 F Supp. 2d 896) materials. The order was appealed by...
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Copyright law

...definition of ‘work made for hire,’ the term employee is constructed in accordance with the holding of the Court in Community for Creative Non-Violence v Reid, 490 US 730 (1989). In that case, an artist’s help was solicited by a non-profit organization to aid in their campaign against homelessness. The artist acceded, but no agreement between them as to copyright ownership over the sculpture was entered into. When the artist later claimed copyright ownership, the organization went to court. The US Supreme Court held that the term ‘employee’ should be taken in the context of the conventional employee-employer relation, without resorting to the control test often employed in common law. The SC’s decision...
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... drafted as: Ways of prevention of illegal publishing of photographs on the internet. In particular, the research will aim at the infringement of the copyright law in the World Wide Web and finding out ways to protect the illegal publishing of pictures clicked by photographers on the internet. In this fast digital age where Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are used extensively, the copyright laws of all the photographers are ignored who are attached to their photographs emotionally or consider them as potential source of income. This is mainly because internet these days is considered as "free", which to its users means that everything published on the internet is free for downloading, using and sharing. The internet is so vast that nobody can possibly...
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... and contribution. Copyright laws have provided concrete protection to the misuse of art, however it fails to up bring and provides opportunities to other artist to work upon and carry forward the work of other master piece. Copyright laws have banned the duplication or any other form of plagiarisms, neither has it permitted any form of alteration or modification efforts of the individual for the improvement of the work piece. Therefore if Copyright laws are positive step towards protection of the master piece, however it has taken an offensive step against the emerging artist who seeks alteration in previous master piece. Therefore it is really important for the artist community to understand that the implementation of copyright laws have...
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...signed to protect their songs from unauthorized reproduction or copying of the work (Atkinson, 2011). Consumers can purchase songs for use in their homes only. When they want to use certain songs for public performance or advertising, they need to gain the rights to do so. To gain the rights, consumers can enter into rights-managed contracts, where they pay royalties based on the number of times they want to use a particular song or several songs. The payable royalty fee is also determined by the number of people who will hear it and the location in which will be played (Berne, 1975). Discussion Copyrights laws in Canada extend to both the nationals of Canada and foreign nationals. The foreign nationals are limited to the members of...
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...on copyright laws infringement. It further renders it difficult to prohibit the widespread sharing of media files. According to the Sony exception, media users can always have special situations during which they can share media files without infringing the applicable user policies. It relates to inducement infringement as opposed to contributory infringement. It does not render any user liable for an act of infringement committed by another person. In the case of Sony, it did not intentionally abet users to infringe on the patent protected by copyright laws. Sony did not supply its products to users that it had informed knowledge was infringing the rights protected by law (Strowel, 2009). The exception...
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...was not associated with the unsuccessful acquisition of PODS while further arguing that pods is a generic term and thus the PODS trademark should have been revoked. Copyright infringement is definedas a use of work under the protection of copyright law without authorization therefore impinging on particular exclusive righs accorded to the holder of the copyright. Cases of trademark infringement are usually complex and very expensive with the one associated with U-Haul and PODS having almost three hundred entries while at the same time being comprised of numerous orders, motions and depositions of professional witnesses. Such cases are decided in the basis of whether a normal customer...
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Copyright Licenses

... is the first owner of the work in copyright? The first owner of copyright in a work is the author where the term “author” implies a person who creates a literary, dramatic, musical, recording or artistic work. However there are certain cases under which the author of work is not to be considered as the first owner of the copyright. These are the exceptions: If an employee works for an employer and he/she creates a literary, dramatic, musical, recording or artistic work during the course of employment than still the employer will be considered to be the first owner of work, unless otherwise mentioned in the contract of employment. If a work was created under a crown or government than the first owner of the work is not the author rather...
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