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State about your story - Assignment Example

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As a student from Korea, I realized that studying in the United States will give me the chance to study in a competitive and conducive environment. There…
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State about your story
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Extract of sample "State about your story"

WHY I CHOSE TO STUDY IN THE UNITED S The United s is one of the countries in the world with a good education system with a variety programs in all fields. As a student from Korea, I realized that studying in the United States will give me the chance to study in a competitive and conducive environment. There are many colleges and universities in the United States, and this gives me a variety of choices in terms of where to study and what to study.
I chose to study mathematics major because it is one of the most interesting and challenging subjects, and offers a wide range of career opportunities. Unlike many other subjects, mathematics is among the subjects that find application in almost all areas of life. As a student interested in a career involving mathematics, I find it necessary to pursue mathematics major in country where mathematics is a flourishing field of research. The skills and knowledge one acquires by studying mathematics apply to all aspects of life, and are not just limited to the career chosen. I believe that by studying mathematics, I have the chance to grow into a competent individual who can contribute positively to the society. In addition, studying in the United States gives me an opportunity to interact with students from different backgrounds. This is important for my development not only as a mathematician but also as a social being.
Given that I have an ambition to work in the insurance field, I believe that taking mathematics major will prepare me adequately to work in this sector. One of the skills acquired through the study of mathematics is data acquisition and analysis. This is an example of the skills that can be applied in the field of insurance and finance. By solving mathematics problems, I will develop analytical skills that help grow my mind and thinking processes. Mathematics will enhance my ability to pay attention to detail, and this will be important for my future career in the insurance field.
As an analyst, the knowledge acquired through the study of mathematics will be critical. Analysts are required to analyze large volumes of data, and make conclusions and decisions based on this data. By studying mathematics, I will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become an analyst in future. Mathematics is a subject that mainly involves numbers and figures, and understanding how they are applied. For example, as an analyst, I need skills such as linear regression in order to effectively analyze financial data. Mathematics major provides the necessary foundation for acquiring such skills and also offers me the opportunity to see how these skills can be applied in real life.
The application of the knowledge and skills I will acquire through the study of mathematics will not be limited to my career but will also be used in my daily life. Through mathematics, basic skills such as communication and organization are required. By taking mathematics major, these skills will be greatly enhanced, and I will effectively manage my personal and social life. One of the critical components in mathematics is problem solving. This will prepare me to handle different problems in life, and offer creative solutions to these problems. The chance I have to study mathematics in the United States is thus a dream come true. Read More
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