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For a moment Mathilde appeared to be lost, she stared blankly at Madame Forestier, and a single look at her would tell she would fall any minute from now. “Let’s find a place to sit my dear, on that bench over there,” Madame Forestier said. Sitting on the bench, Mathilde…
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The Necklace
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The necklace For a moment Mathilde appeared to be lost, she stared blankly at Madame Forestier, and a single look at her would tell she would fall any minute from now. “Let’s find a place to sit my dear, on that bench over there,” Madame Forestier said. Sitting on the bench, Mathilde found herself unable to control her racing memory, she remembered the ball night, the four hundred franc dress, relocation from the flat and the husband’s hustled for the replacement of the necklace.
“I didnt get a chance to inspect the necklace you brought back to me. A day after you brought it, my neighbor, Madame Angel, also asked for the necklace, but oh, her poor child lost the necklace, I don’t have it anymore.” Mathilde held an immediate grudge with herself; she was lost for words, talked with her eyes and nodes more than the mouth. She blamed herself for deceiving herself with quite unreal life, but remembered now it has been ten years, “what is done is done, be it a punishment or a lesson, I have learnt it the hard way.” Said Mathilde.
At home, Mathilde battled with the thoughts of either telling her husband the truth or not, ultimately she felt she had lived with so much deception and desired for a new life. She told the husband her encounter with Madame Forestier, the value of the original necklace and how ashamed she was of herself. Yearning for a new truthful life after ten years, she decided to open the box where she kept the four hundred franc dress, wear it in this time of disappointment as a means of being honest with herself. From a dusty box, she lifted the dress, wondering if it would fit, carefully, touching through the lining, she thought she felt something. And again, she touched, a hole in the lining of the dress, between the outer material of the dress and the lining…holy God! She shouted…her husband came in a hurry. Holding in her hand, Mathilde retrieved the necklace. Ten years, her husband said, and now this necklace shall revive them. They looked at each other and laughed, wept may be, but Mathilde believed she had learnt.
Maupassant, G & Kelley, G. (2004). The necklace. Mankato, MN, USA: Creative Editions. Read More
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