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While some advocate improvements made in the field of technology, others still remain wishful of the old and conventional lifestyle which was not dependent on technology. Computer is one of the most important…
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Computers: Hindrance or Blessing? Advances in technology have developed multiple platforms for debate. While some advocate improvements made in the field of technology, others still remain wishful of the old and conventional lifestyle which was not dependent on technology. Computer is one of the most important technologies in the world and the entire global system is now dependent on computers. All affairs in life are now heavily dependent on the use of computers. Still, some people are of the view that computers are more of a hindrance than a blessing in the way of human potential. Such people base their viewpoint of synonymizing computers with a hindrance on addiction to technology which is a waste of time. Their viewpoint is true to a certain extent because some people get so addicted to their computers that it becomes common routine for them to spend an entire day in front of the screen. This kind of behaviour which has been brought on by the spread of computers is unhealthy and destructive both mentally and physically. Man of today wants to remain connected with others all the time which is a pattern that has left many virtually addicted to technology like computers. Such addiction becomes a hindrance in the way of achieving other feats in life. However, I am of the opinion is that anything in excess is damned. Technology like computer is a blessing which ought not to be blamed. Rather, it is the habit of going to extremes which should be condemned or criticized by the opponents. Read More
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