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A thoughtful comment about a video - Essay Example

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The plate color determines if the chef will use sugar or cocoa powder. One the things to note is that the powder used in the…
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A thoughtful comment about a video
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Extract of sample "A thoughtful comment about a video"

A Thoughtful Comment How to decorate a plate with cocoa and sugar Brendan Cronin is a chef teaching on how to decorate a plate usingblack plate or white plate depending on the available one at home for guests. The plate color determines if the chef will use sugar or cocoa powder. One the things to note is that the powder used in the decoration of plate will determine the flavor of the food and the quantity should be regulated (Cronin, 2012).
In his explanation, Brendan decorates a triangular black plate using sugar particles. The use of sugar in the decoration brings out the contrast in colors between black plate surface and the white sugar particles. He first places the fork over one edge of the plate then sprinkles sugar carefully over the fork. This leaves space on plate to serve food (Cronin, 2012). The use of a sieve in sprinkling sugar is important in achieving uniform distribution over a third area of the plate for placing the fork. After sprinkling only amount require to covers the, he stops and lift the fork carefully. Leaving behind is a decoration that is fork-shaped. In the procedure, he makes sure to use right quantity of sugar so as not to affect food taste.
In the second part of decoration, he uses a white square plate. This time he places a fork on plate followed by a spoon across over the fork. The spoon and fork combination make sure of decoration in a quarter of the square-shaped plate. He then sprinkles cocoa powder using sieve over the spoon and fork. The cocoa powder is dark in color and gives a nice contrast to the white plate for decoration to be visible. He finally lifts the spoon then fork carefully to leave decoration of their shapes on the plate (Cronin, 2012). The cocoa power is bitter hence avoid using large amounts due to its flavor in food.
Cronin, Brendan. October 23, 2012. How to Decorate a Plate with Sugar and Cocoa. You Tube Video Clip. Web. February 24, 2015. Retrieved from Read More
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