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Reconstruction - Essay Example

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The American Civil War occurred between 1861 and 1865, which was fueled by slavery in the southern territories that were also known as the Confederate States of America. Other causes of secession included sectionalism, state rights, and protectionism among others (Roland 1861)…
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Extract of sample "Reconstruction"

Download file to see previous pages The rise was initiated by various factors that included social, economic, legal, and political. The big business era was a source of wealth and capitalization for many Americans most of who were involved in various national corporations that controlled markets (Wilson 214).
Sufficient resources such as oil, coal, and iron were foundations for the building of the states after the war. Adequate iron led to the production of iron and steel that were part of inputs in the big businesses. Steel was used to make railroads and cars that were used in the transportation of various products ranging from coal, ores, and agricultural produce from a state to another (Symonds). Oil was a precious good after its discovery, which was used in homes and to power machinery in some of the industries. Coal powered factories were efficient compared to water-powered; hence, the discovery of coal-fueled the increase of steel mills in the U.S.
There was a rise in the number of immigrants to Southern States that provided a foundation for investors, investors, and labor. The immigrants worked in the big businesses and agricultural sector; hence, providing cheap labor. The high population required enhanced transportation methods leading to the increase in railroad networks. The increased demand led to a change in the social life of some of the citizens due to enhanced wealth sources.
The banks offered loans that were sources of investment capital. Investors in the big businesses would seek assistance from banks to set up steel mills and railroads as part of the reconstruction. Stock markets were used by trusts such as Rockefeller’s to trade shares and purchase other corporations.
The Federal Government did not regulate the operations and establishment of businesses. They were free to pool and set cartels that would increase competition opportunities. However, this factor led to the growth of monopolies in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Reconstruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Reconstruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Reconstruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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... South by the Republican Party, were catalogued by several historians, with each historian instilling their own perspective into their recording of events. For the purposes of this paper an elucidation of the views of the views of four historians and their texts will be provided. These include: Reconstruction by Thomas Wilson, The Negro in Reconstruction by Carter Woodson, The Ordeal of Reconstruction by Thomas A. Bailey, and Reconstruction: Unfinished Revolution by Mary Beth Norton. Overview The views expressed by the different authors are to an extent the products of their particular time and prevalent historical school of thought and as such are reflective of it in terms of the language used. Each text is also characterized by the amount...
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... and 15th amendments intended to grant Blacks more rights besides voting. For instance, Northerners during Lincoln’s regime felt the then incumbent president was extremely slow in effecting significant laws meant to make Blacks enjoy similar privileges like any other citizen. Therefore, they ended up pressuring the president though at his pace he was capable of seeing some plans towards Blacks’ freedom realized. However, Johnson who was his successor proved to be totally against Blacks’ freedom and the entire reconstruction process thus causing confusion besides making it less efficient. Therefore, Dubois was right when he termed efforts exhibited during reconstruction era intended to make Black men Americans citizens were “splendid failure...
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The Reconstruction to compare the presidential and congressional Reconstruction and to develop a 3-point plan for Reconstruction which would have been more successful than the other plans. The main difference between presidential and congress plans was that the presidential plans were very lenient to the confederates contrary to what Radical Republicans expected. The Congressional Acts and Amendments were very stringent aimed at punishing the rebel states and especially the people in high ranks during the war. The 10% plan by Lincoln entailed pardoning those who swore allegiance to the union as well as the US constitution (Franklin 16). New governments were to be formed using new constitution and abolishment of slavery...
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... Radical Reconstruction Reconstruction legislation bestowed citizenship to former slaves and was originally intended to rebuild the former Confederacy. However, it did little to alleviate the human and economic suffering of the war-ravaged South because Lincoln’s grand vision of reconstruction died with him at Ford’s Theater. Booth’s bullet changed the nation because Johnson and Lincoln were often diametrically opposed regarding the reconstruction of the South and degree of civil liberties the freed slaves were to be afforded. Johnson’s views on slaves were clearly in opposition to Lincoln’s stance as was his insistence that Ex-Confederates must be punished. Lincoln was calling for reconciliation prior to his death but the new...
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...the burden to them. Du Bois passes no blame to the south for the hatred they had on black and understood their reason for such brutality, despite all that, the opinion of Foner is still regarded as a success and correct. Conversely, reconstruction was largely confined, limited, and conservative, and failed in enacting real change for the black people. Foner dismisses the idea that Dunning schools are ludicrous and took a middle stance between the post revisionist and revisionists. He failed to live up the beliefs and ideas he began with, rather it enacted radical changes to the society found in the south. Especially the unplanned move of black men to areas that are political and socially established that they would...
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... of Republican and resulted in emancipation of Thirteenth Amendment. President Abraham Lincoln highly supported this amendment to ensure that the new constitution could improve an essential guide for reconstructed states as well as post-Appomattox High Court. President Abraham Lincoln had a belief that the Constitution was appropriate for reconstruction and states’ unity. Both his innate instinct towards decency and impressive education enabled him to become the President a post that enhanced to reunify as improving the entire nation. In the year 1862, Lincoln asked Attorney Edwin to ensure that the rights adhered to all citizens in the nation. The reply of the Attorney General rested on circuit opinion of Justice Bushrod Washington...
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...(currently standard are 21 points). Finally, the landmarks are joined; spaces are filled in the lattice and model smoothed to produce a possible look of the deceased. There are both 2-D and 3-D manual and computer aided methods that support forensic facial reconstruction. Facial recreation are currently used for medical purposes and supporting legal issues in crimes and investigation, other than for retaining the historical memories of unknown past heroes from centuries ago. Keywords: Facial Reconstruction, Approximated Look, Skeleton, Skull, Victims, 3-D and 2-D Imaging, CT Scanning, Facial Soft Tissue Thickness, Modelling, Anatomical Locations, Landmarks, Investigation, Artists, What is facial...
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... Republicans were of the opinion that those whites who had not held onto the ideologies of the union should not have had their rights restored. The presidential and the Congressional reconstruction plans It was still during the civil war that President Abraham Lincoln made plans to reconstruct the Union. The president first made sure that the union armies conquered the large sections of Tennessee and that this state was under the control of the national government. After this is when he moved to put his plan into action. From his second inaugural address, it was clear that Abraham Lincoln thought it better to approach the matter soberly and not punish the south. His plan focused on all including the South that had born the battle. In 1863...
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