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Engneering mechanics reports - Lab Report Example

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This is a comprehensive report on the laboratory experiment that was aimed towards finding out the mutual correlation between the central beam deflections of a supported beam with its proportionate span, width. The other main objectives of this experiment was the aspect of…
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Engneering mechanics Lab reports
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Extract of sample "Engneering mechanics reports"

Download file to see previous pages tting acquainted with a wide range of structural testing components (HEILES & SCHÄFER, 2013).  To this extent a number of tools and equipment that were used in the entire experiment have been duly described to a greater extent based on their usage and the conditions that should be kept constant while performing the experiment using those kinds of pivotal tools and equipment.
The beam of length 1.3 meters was initially placed firmly on the cast iron bed with the assistance of simple supports A and B placed 1 meter apart. The load was then applied by use of the mass hangers at a gradual incremental rate, while the measurements were recorded at each and every stage. The next step that ensued was the aspect of bringing in some sort of variations with regards to the length while the initial procedure was repeatedly done. The material under test was then altered such that, in each and every instance it was only the cross sectional breath that changed. This was repeatedly done at various levels as the mid span deflection at each stage was measured (in mm) with regards to the subjected conditions. The next step that followed suit was the aspect of altering the tested material such that in each and every instance the cross-sectional depth was the only variable that changed. Under this stage, the rate of deflections were also measured and recorded accordingly. All the obtained values were then clearly recorded and compiled so as to assist later during analysis whereby, the values that were arrived at were subjected to massive scrutiny and comparisons with the existing facts and figures under each and every experimented condition.
Using 0N as the minimum and 150N as the maximum, the mass of the load was adjusted by increasing each trial consequentially by 25N. All this was done keeping these values constant: L=1m, b=20mm and d=14mm. Values obtained were recorded as below
Using a minimum length of 0.6m and a maximum of 1.2m, length of the load was varied in split ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Engneering Mechanics Lab Reports Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Engneering Mechanics Lab Reports Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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