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 This essay aims at proving the sound understanding of the term technology. Technology is a method to do a work in a short time and with utmost results. Technology plays a vital and pivotal role in our lives. Human beings have made great strides due to technology. …
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Definition of The Word Technology
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Definition of The Word Technology
The word ‘Technology’ has been derived from a Greek word ‘techne’ which means ‘art or skill’. This paper aims at proving sound understanding of the term technology. As per Cambridge dictionary online (, the definition of the word “technology” is, “technology is the study and/or use of the practical, especially industrial methods to scientific discoveries”. A technology is a method to do a work in short time and with utmost results. Technology plays a vital and pivotal role in our lives. Human beings have made great strides due to technology. The discovery of one technology paves the way for discovery of another new technology because there is no short cut to success. In order to achieve a goal we have to move step by step. Human beings have made rapid inroads into the world of technology.
What does this term mean to me?
The world technology plays pivotal role in this world. For me the word technology is very important. I see it the mean to peace, stability and prosperity. Technology has revolutionized the world in the past, making better out lives in the present time and making it easy to tackle the future challenges to the world. The wheel is regarded as one of the greatest discovery and technology by man because it had revolutionized the transportation. Another important technology was steam engine, and it was discovered by James Watt. The discovery of steam engine paved the way for the industrial revolution of eighteenth century in England. Later, 19th and 20th centuries witnessed great inventions and technological advancements in the history of the world. And no in 21st century, with each day we are finding new and new solutions to our problems. Gone are the days when people had been influenced by the environment. In modern day world, human beings are at the helm of the world.
What must an item have to be considered this term?
Some people mistakenly think that only computer science related innovations are technology. It is not true. Technology can be any scientific method of performing a work in less effort and more productivity. It is well established fact that necessity is the mother of invention or technology. So from this fact, it is evident that every invention or technology is for some benefit of human beings. It is important to mention here that some technologies are invented to destroy human beings rather than serve human beings. Atom bombs and Hydrogen bombs are perfect examples of this fact.
The technology is so much important for human beings. Technology has revolutionized the world. We did not get here in a day. The technology has evolved over the period of hundreds of thousands of years. The process of evolution of technology can be divided into following parts,
Stone Age
Copper and Bronze Ages
Iron age
Ancient Period
Medieval Period
Industrial Revolution
Computer and Information Technology
Works Cited “Definition of the word ‘Technology’” Cambridge Dictionary
Online, Retrieved 22nd February 2015, Read More
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