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However, a closer look at the two would reveal some similarities; also, there would variance. One such a similarity is the…
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Ancient vs. Modern living Modern life often seems more mesmerizing than the ancient one especially becauseof the magnificence displayed by some of artistic work currently. However, a closer look at the two would reveal some similarities; also, there would variance. One such a similarity is the unrelenting spirit of improvement of various equipment. In the How to Mellify a Corpse, artists struggled, at first, to ensure that the sound from the bowl reached the audience (Leon, 50). Similarly, Thorton (p.188) portrays the Greeks as individuals who sought the means to improve their innovations. In the modern world, this trend is evident where various companies keep on inventing and innovating products.
For instance, in the 90s there was no such equipment as tablets, or small computers like the laptop or even iPads. However, upon the successful invention of computers, competing companies have not quenched their thirst for improvement. Another example would that of automobile where the innovation of cars is ever the center of competition for many companies. Each wants to have an upper hand over the other with the production of luxurious cars, including ones that can operate without fuel, being introduced in the market. While the ancient life may not have had cars, the point in this case is that they too were committed to self-improvement.
Entertainment was, in the ancient times as it is today, an important part of the people with Leon (51) showing that the people would visit theaters. Additionally, entertainers would be there, even though their melodies may not match today’s generation. In today’s world, entertainment has been treated more of a necessity than a luxury with finding pleasure in various arenas. In the ancient times, they sought from music where dancing was evident and people danced almost whenever they could. In addition, acting was practiced then despite having limitations on the equipment and advanced machines, as is the case today. Similarly, music is this world’s main form of entertainment, albeit with a combination with other forms like movies and sports.
Notwithstanding, the similarities in the ancient times, the differences could also be traced with one being lack of advanced equipment. While the ancient had similar passions as the modern ones, they had limitations in terms of equipment used. Furthermore, with the technology still a paradox to them, their gifts could not be exploited as efficiently as it done today. Criticism and rejection of religion were evident in the ancient times. Whereas this may said of the same today where not all individuals embrace other religions, the intolerance is not as the ancient times.
Socialization was not out of willingness but coercion that came because of tendency by nations to conquer others. Conversely, today’s world sees the hobnobbing of people without the slightest force. Actually, people travel from one country to another at will without fear of being detained in the countries they are visiting. The levels of civilization vary in the sense that the ancient people were less civilized in comparison to the today’s. This assertion can be seen from the way today’s disagreements are resolved. Unlike in the past when war was the first resort, the modern society embraces diplomacy and reconciliation more than scuffles.
In conclusion, the modern and ancient societies have various commonalities as well as differences, which can greatly be explained by the level of civilization. The similarities are a result of the universal nature of humans, which seeks entertainment and achievement. For that reason, the ancient people sought entertainment just as the modern ones do today. Similarly, each of the two categories of people believed in innovation. Differences include variance in technology stage, forms of entertainment and methods of resolving disputes.
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