Ancient Dance References - Book Report/Review Example

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Art was not recently borne but have for centuries been a part of human cultures, not only to the progressive countries but to all races regardless of education and other circumstances. However, with the tambourine not only of Miriam but of other dancers, being available at such a time; show the importance of the art in their culture…
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Ancient Dance References
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"Ancient Dance References"

Ancient Dance References

Whatever knowledge the modern man has about dance and other arts, I believe have been passed on from generation to generation and has developed to whatever each race has adopted and whatever genre there are that we now know similar to how other part of our culture have been passed to us. The literary works passed on through many generations may have a lot of innovations that have affected what has been put into writing for our enjoyment and appreciation. Correspondingly, dance has its own changes as different generations adapted other aesthetic dance movements which could have been an expression of an individual’s own artistic inclination or probably have been adopted from other cultures. The only evidences preserved for us to see in physical form the dances of ancient times are the drawings left by past civilizations like the ones engraved on the stones or woods found in Egypt and other pertinent places among which is India. It has been so wise of Bharata Muni (Chiego 84) to have recorded an integral part of her country’s and any other country’s cultural background, preserving India’s dances through her written works. India has dances which are considered competitively beautiful and probably they can be noted among the top best dancers, tracing such practice to the entertainment of their nobles. Dance, along with other artistic expressions have usually been used to entertain the rich especially the royalties. Read More
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Ancient Dance References
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