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Social Anxiety Disorder - Research Paper Example

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Notwithstanding this social anxiety is much more serious problem for people than being shy; it is even possible to say that shyness can be…
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Social Anxiety Disorder
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Extract of sample "Social Anxiety Disorder"

Download file to see previous pages The roots of the disorder lie in human fear of being estimated by other people, so people that suffer from social anxiety usually consider themselves as not good enough to be accepted by others and are in panic fear when they need to communicate with people. Thus they usually wish to avoid any possible social situations. The problem may appear in different ways and can be more or less harsh, so some people are being totally influenced by the disorder that its existence doesn’t let them to normally function in society; others have less obvious symptoms of the disorder, and it can be even so well-hidden that they don’t realize having it, but still social anxiety disorder interferes their normal coexistence with other people (Henderson & Zimbardo 2001).
Social anxiety disorder can often be confused with simple shyness and, perhaps, it actually exteriorly looks like shyness. The difference is that feelings a person that suffers from social anxiety has are much more complicated and difficult to be trodden down. Shyness is a condition when a person feels certain discomfort to express oneself in public or during interpersonal communication (Biemer 1983). The nature of this feeling can be multiple and include some childhood traumas, low self-esteem, nurture, and natural predisposition. For most people shyness isn’t considered to be a problem because it is normal condition of their behaviour and even a part of their personality and character. However, sociological researches denote that for 40% or people who feel shyness in social situations consider this condition as problematic for their normal interaction with people (Biemer 1983 p. 53). Feeling of shyness is so widespread that psychologists consider it as a kind of epidemic but not a pathological one.
Unlike shyness social anxiety is a kind of mental disorder, which means that it creates serious barriers for normal existence in social sphere, especially when it concerns public ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Social Anxiety Disorder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Social Anxiety Disorder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Social Anxiety Disorder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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... Anxiety Disorder Has Social And Economic Burden”. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 327 (7426), 1287. Social anxiety disorder has a number of challenges that are of economic and social nature. The source provides an understanding of the extent to which the disorder causes financial burdens and social disenfranchisement of the people affected. Schneier, F.R. (2003). “Social Anxiety Disorder: Is Common, Underdiagnosed, Impairing, And Treatable”. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 327 (7414), 515-516. The source provides a discussion on the different issues that constitute social anxiety and the various assessment methods that are employed in correctly diagnosing the disorder. Moreover, the text elaborates on the extent to which social anxiety...
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...and anxiety of being mortified or embarrassed in the presence of others - the anxiety stemming from the feeling that they will embarrass or humiliate themselves (Antony & Swinson, 2008). D. Thesis Statement: Social anxiety disorder does not let individuals to function normally in society; others have less obvious symptoms of the disorder, and it can be even so well-hidden that they do not realize having it, but still the anxiety disorder interferes with their normal coexistence with other people (Nardi, 2003). II. Similarities and differences between social anxiety...
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... mainly attributed bullying in schools, negative influences in a childs development, and traumatic events in individuals past as the main causes of SAD. Although there has not been one proven cause of social anxiety disorder, it is widely accepted that biological factors and genetic composition are the predominant factors that affect the development of the disorder. Scientists state that SAD is caused by the abnormal functioning of brain circuits that regulate emotion. In his book, Rohan argues that irritable infants grow into fearful toddlers and remain introverted in their early lives. They later develop a social anxiety disorder in their adolescent life. The above evidence alludes to the fact that people are born with SAD hence...
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...that Singaporeans with social anxiety disorders experienced a measurable decrease in the health related quality of life and the anxiety was affected by both clinical and socio-demographic factors. Leibowitz et al (1985) also arrived at a similar finding, where their study showed that patients with the social anxiety disorder generally underperformed educationally , they have a lower probability of marrying because of the social phobia they suffer from and when they do marry, they find it difficult to adjust with the spouse. Additionally, they also found that such patients suffered from a lower economic...
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