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Persuasive argument should vaccination be mandatory or voluntary - Assignment Example

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The higher the number of vaccinated individuals from infection is the lower the probability of disease among unimmunized and debilitated people is. Generally, making vaccination, we…
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Persuasive argument should vaccination be mandatory or voluntary
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Extract of sample "Persuasive argument should vaccination be mandatory or voluntary"

Running head: VACCINATION Vaccination: mandatory or voluntary VACCINATION Vaccination: mandatory or voluntary Scientific researches suggest that vaccination in general brings rather good results than harm. The higher the number of vaccinated individuals from infection is the lower the probability of disease among unimmunized and debilitated people is. Generally, making vaccination, we not only care about our health and the health of our children, but also contribute to the common struggle of humanity against infections. However, it is believed that mass immunization is more often considered as “evil” than the benefit of mankind and I am really ready to join to this group of people. It should be noted that according to the laws of many countries, vaccination is entirely voluntary preventive measure, so the rejection of vaccination is the completely personal choice. It is how it looks “on paper”. Do not forget that the vaccine is a foreign protein, so its introduction into the human body, especially for a small child, causes the “over-voltage” of the immune system (Buchwald 117). As a result, vaccination without the analysis of the initial state of immunity may play a decisive role in the appearing of immunological and immune diseases in the future. Simply said, if the organism is weakened for some reasons, and we add more “problems” - that would not lead to good results. In addition, I would like to remind that the man who had endured an infectious disease receives “lifetime” insurance from her in the future, while most vaccines provide only temporary immunity.
Ideally, the vaccination requires to conduct immunodiagnostic before it, but public institutions, received the order “from above” – make mass vaccination of children - do not only carry out a preliminary survey, but can use vaccine without the parental permission. Such a formal approach to immunization reduces all the gains of preventive medicine in this area.
According to human rights defenders, mandatory compulsory vaccination process is contrary to the freedom of choice. The fact that doctors are forced to do something with the child is already causing the internal protest. Opponents of the voluntary vaccination oppose this for favour of mandatory vaccinations: unvaccinated person presents a danger to the health of others, thereby already infringing their rights. It turns out that the problem of compulsory vaccinations is a particular case of a large ethical problem: how much we can restrict the freedom of the individual for the purpose to make a person not to threat to society. The essence of problem is that children (of the younger and the older school age) are not yet able to take full responsibility for the decision and, suppressed the authority of teachers or adults, simply can not defend their right to refuse from vaccinations. At the same time, even if the adult conscious person writes a disclaimer of vaccination (for himself or his child); he is often hindered by many barriers established by the state, which limits an unvaccinated person in certain activities, and sometimes displacements. Everything seems to be so logical and correct. There is only one problem: for medical staff one death of a child is even not awesome tragedy – it also has to be proved that vaccination was the cause of this trouble. And what about the parents of a child who would refuse vaccination, but did not overpower state’s reason - “you must”?
I can not consider vaccination as a contribution to the overall health of mankind. Who will give a guarantee that you or your child will not be “lucky” after banal vaccination, who would be responsible for the quality of the drug and, finally, how can you replace somehow a loved one? I personally know a couple who practically lost a child in such situation. In addition, hardly anyone of us fully realizes
the possibilities of our organism and can hardly anticipate the same allergic reaction to a new drug. I support the idea that the vaccination needs to be only voluntary.
Gerhard Buchwald (2003). Vaccination: A Business Based on Fear. BoD – Books on Demand. Read More
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