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Presentation 1 - Essay Example

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The main point in the article is to demonstrate how the global changes in technological advancements have resulted in new marketing models (Castronovo & Huang, 2012). Social media is the main tool focused on the article. The authors explain the effectiveness of social media…
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Presentation 1
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Extract of sample "Presentation 1"

Reading for Meaning Reading for Meaning The main point in the article is to demonstrate how the global changes in technological advancements have resulted in new marketing models (Castronovo & Huang, 2012). Social media is the main tool focused on the article. The authors explain the effectiveness of social media in product promotion as a result of the relationship created between consumers and companies
2. The authors explore the model developed that uses social media and its alternative forms of marketing communication. The say the content of social media is user-generated and is based on the intended objective (Castronovo & Huang, 2012)
3. The article relies on facts. It analyzes existing information on marketing communication and develops a new communication model based on the research findings
4. This is a research article and just like most studies, the findings are subject to bias. The role of oral communication in the model is exaggerated, and its effectiveness is not easily testable.
5. I agree with the author’s viewpoint because communication in marketing should relay customer-focused information. The analysis looks at the pros and cons of different marketing tools, and the model developed appears effective when implemented. In addition, the integration of traditional and modern marketing models can be synergistic in business (Castronovo & Huang, 2012)
6. Global trends in marketing have taken a new dimension. Producers should cope with the rate of change among consumers in order to meet their needs. Social media marketing is one of the trends in business, and the model demonstrated in the article is an important progress in marketing. Therefore, the cost effectiveness and loyalty provided by the model should be used by industries as a push factor for the implementation of the model.
Castronovo, C., & Huang, L. (2012). Social Media in an Alternative Marketing Communication Model. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 6(1): 117-131. Read More
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