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RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS PAPER (communication course) - Essay Example

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Communication is expressed based on speech and gestures. This paper focuses on the role of listening as a component of communication. The essay identifies my…
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RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS PAPER (communication course)
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Extract of sample "RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS PAPER (communication course)"

Download file to see previous pages Increased feedback allows speakers and listeners to gain confidence where messages are communicated with experience and accuracy satisfaction on the communication scaling (Adler, Rosenfeld, and Proctor 58). Other forms of communicators within the interaction base the assessment on the effectiveness of the feedback to the listener while responses take the performance form against comprehension tests. The attentive behaviors and compliance improve on listening to arguments on feedback past listening.
Listening physiology plays an essential role in the manner my sister’s listening functions. Auditory and visual are sensory acuities that are based on basics of listening. Deterioration based on age-related issues and sensory mechanisms lead to eventful loss of verbal content and nonverbal dimensions in communication (Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer 87). Listeners are intended receipts of sent messages. In the reception process, listeners employ visual and auditory sensory receptors. The listening processes include hearing sounds while hearing and listening does not have synonymous functions as most people assume. Auditory message reception is a detailed process that involves the intricate mechanism of hearing. Sound should enter the middle ear towards vibrations of the tympanic membrane and later conducted to the inner ear and lastly, to the brain. Problems faced in the hearing mechanism compound receptive processes (Adler, Rosenfeld, and Proctor 121).
The neurological make-ups of my sister’s listening are influential factors. Hemispheric specialization research suggests that left part of the brain is more objective, rational, organizing processor and while the right is more emotional and intuitive. Personal hindrances take listeners back to the senders role within communication transactions and reliance on feedback against unfair indication of “accomplished” listening. Leaders are ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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