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Mercy killing is the deliberate situation where a third person ends the life of a patient who is sick and suffering with no anticipation or optimism of recovering (Peterson 6). This helps to end the pain, misery and suffering of the ill person by terminating their life. In my…
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Argument eassy
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al Affiliation Lecturer Due Argumentative Essays Is “mercy killing” an acceptable virtue in the modern society? Mercy killing is the deliberate situation where a third person ends the life of a patient who is sick and suffering with no anticipation or optimism of recovering (Peterson 6). This helps to end the pain, misery and suffering of the ill person by terminating their life. In my opinion, mercy killing, also known as euthanasia or assisted suicide is wrong. I believe in the right to life until death takes its course. It is morally erroneous to end a person’s life because you think he or she is suffering (Peterson 10). No one should have power over another person’s life.
Some people believe that euthanasia is not wrong since it helps to ease the pain and suffering of the patient in case of terminal illnesses. In situations where patients are in critical conditions or life support machines with no signs of recovery, others prefer administering euthanasia (Peterson 23).
Others believe that euthanasia saves money and resources. The amount of cash required for health care in many communities is high. In addition, the hospital beds and doctors in many hospitals are deficient. The supporters deem this as a massive misuse or waste of money and resources if they use funds to prolong the lives of already dying and suffering patients (Peterson 14).
In my opinion, the only time that euthanasia should be administered is when there is consent of “voluntary euthanasia”. This is when the patient comes to a decision by themselves that they would wish to die rather than suffer in anguish and pain. This decision may come at the time, or possibly they may have written down a ‘living will’ giving permission to doctors to kill them if they ever are in a condition where they will never recover or regain consciousness.
2. Should marijuana be legitimate for medical purposes?
Marijuana has long been known as a remedy for many illnesses while physicians used it to arouse an appetite, reduce chronic agonizing pain, and treat migraines and even asthma. However, it has for so long been regarded as illegal (Burnham 1). In my opinion, I think legalizing medical marijuana is the right as long as it is strictly being used for medicinal purposes in order to save lives. Ever since childhood, everyone was being told not to do drug since they are dangerous to ones life. Doing drugs is obviously wrong. However, in severe medical condition where medical marijuana is needed for a cure or pain killer, it should be legalized since life is important.
The main argument concerning marijuana comes from the legalization of the drug for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. This debate has two approaches. The medical approach and the legislative (government) approach (Burnham 5). The medical approach involves experimental research by physicians and scientists to try to determine the medical use and the side effects of marijuana. They balance positive effects and the negative effects of marijuana to establish whether it is safe to be used as medicine.
On the other hand, the government approach involves keeping marijuana illegal at all expense. The government argues that legalizing medical marijuana would under no reasonable doubt increase its usage across the country, mostly amongst the youthful people. It is also a concern when marijuana users drive when they are impaired by the drug. Some patients and doctors have been prosecuted for administering and using marijuana as medicine (Burnham 27).
In conclusion, the use of marijuana by the Society for luxury or simply non-medicinal purposes should be deemed illegal. However, if it is strictly used for medical purposes, then it should be legalized to help cure and relieve pain to patients in need of the drug in order to save their lives.
Work cited
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Peterson, Craig. Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia. Ashgate Pub, 2012. Print. Read More
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