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The author gives in-depth details on the arguments and counter-arguments by the author in quest to explain her stand in the essay. The author also gives an example of privacy issues in the contemporary…
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Post your comments on all 3 journal entries from Chapter 6 posted by your peers
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Responses Response Laura Olson; Why Privacy Matters Laura’s work is one that gives a deep insight on the theme in question. The author gives in-depth details on the arguments and counter-arguments by the author in quest to explain her stand in the essay. The author also gives an example of privacy issues in the contemporary society, a good example snap chat (Laura 1). This explains the author’s conversance with the theme. However, Laura’s works lack in-text citations to support her facts. One would question her response’s validity and if the work is copied one. Spelling mistakes are also noted in some sections of the paper.
Response # 2- Stephanie Jarvis; Sticks and Stones and Sports Team Names
Stephanie’s work is a simple and an easy read. The author begins with captivating sentence that explains the reaction she had after reading the work. The personal opinion of the author is captivating, and one can easily relate to the author’s sentiments. The work also contains examples that one can relate to easily that touch on ethnicity. With the author constantly referring to the reader using terms like “we”, and “I”, the work manages to send its intended meaning (Jarvis 1). In- text citations would make the work more professional.
Response # 3- Stephanie Jarvis; Working at McDonald’s
Stephanie completely disagrees with the themes in the work though the author aimed at convincing the reader. The work gives Stephanie’s personal stand more so being a student that may require a part time job to make her ends meet. Stephanie gives detailed examples of how the part time jobs may benefit students and still allow them study well (Jarvis 1). She also uses an outside source that explains more on the benefits of part time job for students. In-text citations also lack in the essay.
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