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Obedience and Authority - Essay Example

Obedience and Authority

Normally, human beings choose to obey or disobey orders based on various factors. Before an individual accepts to execute an order, they must first accept that the authority has a genuine reason or that the order is legitimate. From a psychological perspective, individuals choose the same based on the result, which could be either a reward or a punishment. This implies that one may decide to show obedience to a figure of authority because they are expecting to be rewarded or are avoiding punishment. In addition, according to Lessings, individuals may show obedience especially when they belong to a group. This is because it is not easy to go against a group as an individual. Here, an individual attempts to avoid punishment from the group. On the other hand, Schor maintains that individuals may decide to obey those in authority because of the work and spend cycle where the modern consumerism world increases working hours. This is an example of a reward perspective as it relates to authority and obedience. The theme of obedience and authority is meant to indicate the social differences between people where some obey others so that they can be rewarded or avoid punishment.
One of the key ideas explained is the fact that most people find it very difficult to disobey some authoritative figures. In relationship to Lessings ideas, the most appropriate example here is the idea of displaying the American flag in various areas. While some can, others cannot. This indicates that

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Obedience in social psychology
Social Psychologists have delved into this and have conducted experiments, the results of which have been astonishing. The aim of this research paper is to try and answer whether obedience really is a desirable thing or is the cost of being obedient, much too great to pay.
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Conscience: A Guide In 'Obedience'
As parents are elders and are authoritative figures in the family, children listen to them and follow their orders. In this way, the seeds of ‘obedience’ are sown right in the childhood. Obedience is considered a family and cultural value (Andersen and Taylor 79).
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Obedience to Authority and How It is Evil
Name Instructor Class July 26, 2011 Obedience to Authority and How It is Evil Two short stories tend to shock people with their endings and implications: Jackson's “The Lottery” and LeGuin's “The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas.” These stories underlie the darkness present in humanity, a darkness that has been too “old” to be completely removed.
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Psychological Theme of Obedience
Orderly and peaceful behavior is also required in social interaction, thus, obedience is also required as a person is integrated in the mainstream of the society (Gross, 2010). As they grow, a person needs to comply on requirements and processes in social interaction.
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Conscious Obedience
Police will obey the law as well as strict departmental rules. Military personal will obey the commands of their superior officer. The reasons for obeying are often varied and situational, though there are some noteworthy trends that warrant examination. Why do we obey When we are rational, we obey because it is in our own self interest and would cause us harm to disobey, though there are some situations that may place the human mind beyond the reach of rational behavior.
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Conformity and Obedience
The second individual estimate was a lot closer to the group estimate than the first. (Conformity and obedience, Psychology4a) Obedience is submission to another's authority. For example Reverend Jim Jones took 911 people from San Francisco to found his cult, "The peoples temple" in Jonestown, a town he had them build in Guyana, South America.
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Question 2: Children are taught to obey authority figures without questioning such obedience - their total obedience is required. Therefore, it is true that, on a face value,
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Book review/ Obedience to Authority
The death camps to systematically exterminate the Jews were manned by administrative personnel. The killing process was methodical and the force that did the unpleasant assignments was not trained to be savages, they were carrying out the responsibility imposed on
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Is extreme obedience necessary for society
Such compliance may lead to a lot of destruction, in some instances. It may hurt the people involved, and others. In addition, adverse effects such as death may occur. Consequently, extreme obedience should be
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Argumentative Synthesis-Extreme Obedience
Torture at Abu Graib was intermittently inconsequential as this is a worse way of imposing obedience to the people. The Abu Graib
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some have the choice to rebel as well as speak their mind while others only have to follow and obey.


Normally, human beings choose to obey or disobey orders based on various factors. Before an individual accepts to execute an order, they must first accept that the authority has a genuine reason or that the order is legitimate. …
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Obedience and Authority
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