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The ebonics Dialect - Research Paper Example

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He compares grammar purists to computer nerds who are very few in the society. However, he argues that for a grammar nerd (or snoot as he calls them), they have much more…
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The ebonics Dialect Paper
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Download file to see previous pages language has a natural growth trajectory is wrong, but that rather, the way language grows is controlled by humans as opposed to language growing on its own. As Wilson (89) says, the way people attach certain meanings to various words and phrases is what gives language meaning. Orwell is likely to have a different view of the usage of the N word from Wallace. First, it is important to understand that the N word has evolved over the last few decades.
From the derogatory word Negro, the ebonic word Nigga has been derived, especially among the African American community. Unlike the derogatory nature of the word from which the Nigga is used, the word Nigga is used as a word of respect in among the African American community. Orwell would agree with this kind of language shift and may be appreciate the fact that this kind of development is necessary for the growth of language. However, a person like Wallace would have reservation against the use of this word and see this as a negative change from the requirements of language. Wallace admits to being a language nerd, the kind who looks to make sure that every rule has been observed. In this regard, he would most likely object to the N word, either in the form of Nigga, or Negro.
This is because the word Nigga could be seen by a grammar expert as an informal word while Negro is seen as offensive and derogatory (Ernest 145). As a result, for a person like Wallace, he would probably have a problem with the use of this world. Orwell on the other hand seems to have a different view of the rules of language. He argues that the way people modify language leads to the way language plays out in politics, and then the political affects the way people modify language. In this regard, he is most likely to appreciate the fact that language grows in such ways that maintain archaic rules of grammar may neither be necessary nor feasible.
As an English teacher, Curzan talks about teaching grammar and grammar rules. She starts her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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