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Animals Like Us - Essay Example

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Some have a view that is more passionate about the animals than they do for humans (Tester 23). Some other people treat animals with little care…
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Animals Like Us
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Download file to see previous pages To individuals these, animals are for human beneficence, in terms of clothing, companionship, food, sport, work, and research. Some people also consider the fact that using animals in such a manner may cause pain to the animals. The feelings result to a thought of the morals of keeping animals as pets. Some consider the relevance of existing animal rights and refute the idea of animals’ entitlement to basic rights. It implies that the concern of ethics when handling animals is a controversial debate between proponents and critics of proper animal care. The essay explores the moral concerns of keeping pets and the care of other animals. Further, it recommends the best approaches to dealing with animals.
For a deep understanding of the ethical concerns of keeping animals, there is a consideration of the uses of such animals. One of the main uses of animals is medical research, which gives findings for solving human problems such as disease and death. Some researchers use parts of the animal bodies such as the brain, which causes them distress. For instance, in a certain experiment, a scientist required identifying a certain lesion in the brain tissue of a cat. The procedures of such an operation is a grisly one because in entirely kills the cat. The researchers use a pair of pliers to detach the skulls from the bodies and then break it extract the desired part of the brain (Herzog 246). Before the process materializes, the animal undergoes a series of painful experiences such as injections with formalin and other drugs. If people were to consider the ethics of dealing with the animals, they could discover that such a process is painful. The foremost ethical concern in the case related to the question of whether humans share in the pain of animals or not.
Most individuals feel that treating animals in an oppressive manner is unethical and inhumane. The researchers in the same ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animals Like Us Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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