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A contrast in which you explain the major differences between mens and womens business ventures - Essay Example

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It is the difference in the motivators that make them have different business ventures. The women have their own business to gain financial independence and be in a…
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A contrast essay in which you explain the major differences between mens and womens business ventures
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Extract of sample "A contrast in which you explain the major differences between mens and womens business ventures"

Download file to see previous pages Men have more access to capital than women do. This is because majority lack assets similar to the men which they can use to acquire loans with. The men can acquire capital through loans, inheritance as well as selling of property. This therefore means that the women will have less money to start up a business and will therefore opt to go for smaller and more sustainable business. The men will go for the exact opposite as they have a large capital base and can always top it up easier than women can. An example is in the primary research which stated that “only 35% of women sought external funding compared to 45% of men…women paid significantly higher interest rates than men if granted a loan (Coleman, 1999).”
Men are natural-born risk takers unlike women and this starts from a very young age. It therefore does not come as a surprise that women will venture into the less risky businesses mostly in the social field while men will take the higher risk jobs just to seek the thrill and challenges that come with it. According to research by the Guardian, men carry out extensive research on a business potential growth and opportunities and risks embracing it for the end goal while women research on the stable jobs that would allow them balance work and family (Kubski & Skodova, 2013).
Lastly is the issue of confidence. Majority of women due to the socialization given to them from birth lacks confidence in doing much on their own. They are socialized to be delicate and always have others (the male figures in their lives) doing everything for them. The lack of confidence in their abilities and talents as well as in anything they do leads to them choosing the kind of business ventures they do. The men on the other hand have over confidence with their abilities limit. This overconfidence combined with inflated male ego makes them delve into the kind of business ventures they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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