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Los angeles city - Essay Example

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Gadgets such as computers and cell phones have become essential parts of everyday activities not just among professionals and adults but even among children. Technology indeed makes life a lot easier for many in general but experts are trying to uncover certain disadvantages…
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Los angeles city
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Download file to see previous pages The question thus arises if this is really something to be bothered about and if it does pose a threat to users of technological devices. There may be disadvantages to the use of gadgets however it is not as bad or destructive to people’s interpersonal relationships or social life as some experts claim it to be, as documented in this paper.
For many parents, cell phones are viewed as instruments for them to keep in touch with their children and also for emergency purposes. Nevertheless, the increasing number of virtual communications is now causing alarm because it is viewed as a threat to the development of interpersonal skills of children. Such problem is presented by Sherry Turkle in her article entitled “No Need to Call”. She cites some examples of people who seem to be unable to communicate well with others but are now able to hide behind their computers to communicate with friends. For instance, the author tells that Elaine, a teenager, views texting and emailing as a preferred means of communication for shy people and even for outgoing people because they are able to edit and think about what they say before they send the message to the recipient (374). Unlike telephone calls and face to face interactions wherein the response should be quick and could not be edited or even taken back, texting serves as a convenient way of communicating. However, the confidence one has when he is communicating virtually, is often not displayed during close encounters and this worries experts.
The same concern is shared by some parents but some disagree with the idea. Hilary Stout also gives examples of parents who are optimistic about social networking that strengthens some of the examples given by Turkle. For instance, she mentions Robert Wilson, a father of a 14-year-old shy and introverted Evan, who is worried about his son’s social life. When Evan signed up for facebook, Robert was glad to find ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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