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Nocturnal photos can comprise of animals, human beings, various habitats, unique structural features and natural features. Firstly, Nocturnal photos of animals comprise of elusive animals of the planet. These elusive…
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Artist Statement
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Nocturnal photos affiliation Nocturnal photos Nocturnal photos are generally photos that are taken at night. Nocturnal photos can comprise of animals, human beings, various habitats, unique structural features and natural features. Firstly, Nocturnal photos of animals comprise of elusive animals of the planet. These elusive animals include Otters, Vampire Bats, Sloths, Hedgehogs, Hissing Cockroach, Kangaroo Rats, Flying Foxes and Owls. Photos of these animals are taken against black backgrounds. Additionally, rather than nocturnal photos just having the pictures of animals on them, each animal portrait is always accompanied by some information about the creature. Some of the information include the creature habitats and habits. Further, nocturnal photos can be used in studying the rare animals that only come out at night because during the day they hide in their caves. These animals are known as nocturne creatures. Additionally, nocturnal photos on animals can be stored in archives for future reference thus act as a source of information to researches and zoology students in educational centres.
In addition, this practice of taking photos is essential in establishing the near extinction animals. Thus helps to trigger the need to protect them from extinction by establishing measures that will mitigate the rate of extinction. However, nocturnal photos promotes art because it gives artisans ideas on what to draw and even curve thus enhancing creativity.
Additionally, from the curves and the drawing future generations can learn about the creatures. Moreover, this photos in a way help to market countries to tourists who are in love with animals and wish to explore more. Through this, a country will receive an increase in the number of tourists visiting their nation, hence uplifting it gross domestic product. Furthermore, the characteristics that accompany the nocturnal photos can be of great use to game wardens by educating them on how to handle those animals effectively to avoid damage or injuries since some of them are poisonous. Secondly, nocturnal photos about human beings are taken in special occasions conducted during the night. Events like film shooting, fire bourn parties and many more. Therefore, these photos can be stored and referred to in future to remember the Good times in a person’s life.
Thirdly, nocturnal photos about unique structural features are used to highlight the features of a nation. By doing this it will attract tourism to their states. This structural nocturnal photos can also be places in school libraries to teach the students different natural heritage. Additionally, natural events that occur during the night like dropping of comets and meteorites can be captured as nocturnal photos and people to learn about natural occurrences. Additionally, nocturnal photos can be useful in studying the universe, more so the milky way of the way.
Lastly, nocturnal photos are helpful in studying of different habitats of various animals. Furthermore, these photos will be useful in studying the animal’s behaviour and even their life cycles through examining their different habitats and ways of livelihood. Additionally, the nocturnal photos will also assists one to know the suitable conditions under which a certain animal is likely to survive. Thus will help those who want to rare different animals in their homesteads. Read More
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