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The Role of E-Learning In Education - Essay Example

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In the report, it is stated that generally, e-learning refers to the use of electronic educational technology and normally this criterion is used in gaining knowledge and imparting knowledge or rather teaching…
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The Role of E-Learning In Education
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Extract of sample "The Role of E-Learning In Education"

E-Learning In Education
Generally, e-learning refers to the use of electronic educational technology and normally this criterion is used in gaining knowledge and imparting knowledge or rather teaching. According to Hal Archives from an e-book on the methodology of Universities towards e-learning, the use of e-books have been the significant thing in the current education systems on the planet. Upper and Lower secondary, colleges and higher education systems are employing these electronic resources to teach and confer knowledge to their students. The starting point or etymology of e-learning is contested, with the e- letter not necessarily meaning electronic as per the cases of e-mail or e-business and between 1998 and 2000, e-learning became initially attached to either a distance learning system or it was used surprisingly at the CBT service gatherings or rather seminars and since then the terminology has been used broadly to refer to the use of online services or education system which is vital. It is clear that in some countries there are rules and regulations regarding this field of education. As per the scholars, a great number of universities in Europe have adapted the e-learning system and also they have included them as a part of their school curriculum. The e-book article shows clearly that e-learning processes are encouraged by the accessibility of free materials for documentation hence the universities have felt that it was more or less a better source of concentrating on materials since they simply need to provide connection to the internet for students to access the advanced campuses (Brigitte et al. 2006, p. 11). This source is reliable to me since it gives vivid and detailed information on that; it is simple to understand the crucial arguments and the main ideas. The source is also loaded with a considerable measure of crucial information concerning the research theme mentioned above. Some courses, for example, the general courses in relational abilities and HIV AIDS aptitudes are exclusively being offered through the e-learning projects.
Some years back, e-learning received an awful perspective, as numerous people had that perspective that allowing computers into the classrooms would eradicate that human element that learners need to acquire from their teachers, however as time has gone by, technology has progressed, and nowadays we accepted and support the use of smartphones in the classrooms and as well utilizing a wealth of interactive designs that makes distance learning engaging for the users, as well as valuable as a lesson delivery medium. There have been tremendous changes in the manner in which universities have been offering their courses in Canada. The e-book referred above was concentrating on Europe and the appropriation of e-learning in their foundations concentrating on France, Italy and other European countries. Here, the bits of knowledge on this subject from the Open library are based in Canada. As per the corporate writer of this article, most universities and colleges in Canada have no less than five courses which are completely offered on the online stage, as per this book once more, there have been continued improvement in the manner in which online learning is conducted as there has being the presentation of online mentoring where far off students can be able to have scheduled computerized classes and converse with their lecturers like they were in a physical class. All things considered, e-learning has gone through great improvements from the very day universities commenced applying it. It is evident from the sources provided above that the future of education depends upon e-learning.
Work cited
Brown, David J. The Impact of Electronic Publishing: The Future for Libraries and Publishers. S.l.: Saur Verlag, 2002. Print Read More
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(The Role of E-Learning In Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
The Role of E-Learning In Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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