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Art Review - Essay Example

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The art still very important in modern world. The paper "Art Review" gives information about two modern artists Alex Prager and Mambo. The author discusses the history of the artists' success. The writer gives the detailed analysis of their works and shares own impressions of them…
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Art Review
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Extract of sample "Art Review"

Art Alex Prager’s Work Face in the Crowd On December 11, Alex Prager unvailed, Face in the Crowd, in the most famous exhibition ever shown in New York City. It was an art drawn in Los Angeles sound stage. This piece of art was about the people who were at the airport terminals, lobbies, beaches, movie theaters and other public spaces. Her artwork embodied scenes of cultural memories of images. She used the broad artistic styles and characters to portray and show precisely the time periods at which she took these crowd pictures and photographs on the streets of Los Angeles (Prager, 2010). She could extract and paint the crowd’s emotions and facial appearance; this reflected the triumphs that the society of that era phased. Her pictures and new film of her Face in the Crowd gives and portrays the kind of togetherness among the people who live in a society. They also act as a reminder that being together is a way of standing strong.
Exhibition Pictures in SCAD Museum
Alex Prager is one of the renowned artists in California. Being an inspired lady she believed in taking still photographs and presenting them in different famous world museums. Between July 27, 2013 to December 2013, Prager unveiled still art and pictures of emotionally charged and seductive worlds to SCAD Museum. This became one of the first admired exhibitions in South East for the Los Angeles. She used the charming and the disturbing still and saturated images to capture the attentions of the viewers. These, ever leaves the viewers in suspense wondering which kind of narratives and art knowledge she had (Prager, 2012).
Mambo’s Works
Portrait of Artists
In 1984, Mambo started his paintings as a project; he used screen printing in most of his fashions and T-shirts. Mambo is one of the most dedicated artists who with other artists paints a collection of appealing arts shown in most of the National Galleries. In his 30 years of artwork, he managed to come up with exhibitions with quiet number of fashions from more than 250 artists. In late Eighties and Nineties, Mambo painted a portrait of artists, landscapes with their blue skies and placed them on t-shirts for fashions shows. In 1986, Chris O’Doherty, Mambos artistic friend, decided to join his renowned Australian design marked Mambo, they could create appealing street images for fashion shows, labels, and t-shirts.
Australian Jesus at the Football
Mambo’s work in his book Mambo Faith, Australian Jesus at the Football, describing the miracle of the beer and pies from the Book of Reg, was the most incredible paintings he ever did. He painted the Jesus of the Australian addressing hundreds of people at the S.C.G on his spoken word tour of NSW. He instructed his assistant to provide his people food, water, and any refreshment because the day was long and tiring. They only had five pies and two cans of warm beer. Australian Jesus did not wonder, but he looked up and to the heaven with the five cakes and warm beers, these refreshment multiplied, beer becoming cold and people ate, drunk and got filled up. This was an excellent painting of Mambo in 1996.
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