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Korean Literature - Essay Example

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Hwanung wished to live among the human beings this is the main reason why he moved from heaven to the world. Hwanin, his father, understood his greatest desires, and hence he looked for an appropriate…
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Korean Literature
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Extract of sample "Korean Literature"

Lecturer Korean Literature Comparison of Hwanung and the She-Bear Hwanung and the she-bear both had desires that they greatly wanted to achieve. Hwanung wished to live among the human beings this is the main reason why he moved from heaven to the world. Hwanin, his father, understood his greatest desires, and hence he looked for an appropriate place for his son to settle and relate with human beings. The suitable place was on Mount T’eaeback. In comparison, the she-bear also illustrated keen interest in being a human being. This is the main reason why the she-bear prayed to the Holy Hwanung. The desire was achived because the she-bear followed all the instructions of Hwanung, which involved eating sacred magworts, and being in the darkness for a period of a hundred days. The two are compared because the both developed human forms. The she-bear transformed into a woma, and also the Holy Hwanung changed into a human male. The two procreated, and the resulting son was referred to as Tangun Wangg’om.
2. Korean Shamanistic Tradition
Korean shamanism entails the ancient religion and beliefs of the Korean society. In the ancient belief, the priest is referred to as the mudang if female and the baksu if he is male. The mudang has the main responsibility of being an intermediary between the gods and the people through rituals. The spiritual intermediaries also aim at solving problems that humans experience, in the course of their development. The central concept in the Korean Shamanistic practices entails the worship of Hwanin, also known as Haneullim. Hwanin is considered the source of the entire universe, which comprises all the beings and gods that exist in nature. The mu is traditionally illustrated as the descendants of the son of the heavenly king. This investiture is generally passed through the princely lineage. But, certain significant myths in the Korean Shamanistic beliefs connect the heritage of the ancient belief to Dangun. Dangun is considered as the male heir to the Heavenly King, also the initiator or the founder of the ancient Korean nation. Korean Shamanism is closely linked to; the Japanese Shinto, Siberian Mongolian, Chinese Wuism, and Manchurian beliefs. Anthropological studies illustrate that the ancient Korean god Dangun, has a lot of similarities to; the prince, the Ural-Altaic Tengri, and the shaman. Likewise, mudang is closely associated with Japanese miko and Ryukyuan yuta (Hogarth 117).
3. Historical Issues of Ancient Korea
The myth illustrates adequate relationship between the northern China and Korea, before the formation of the Han dynasty. Ancient Korea and Yen state illustrates adequate political influence of Old Choson during third century B.C. the literature illustrates the growth of Old Choson and the successor state of Wiman Choson. Adequate illustrations are also done on the development of the four main main commanderies located in northern Korea. The Han administration, located in the commanderies introduced the iron culture in the peninsula region. The ruling elites monopolized the bronze vessels during the Bronze Age. However, the iron culture spread quickly and this resulted in great societal changes (Hogarth 128).
Works Cited
Hogarth, hyun-key Kim. "Kut: Happyness through reciprocity". International Society for Shamanistic Research. Bibliotheca Shamanistica 7 (Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó). 2008. Print. Read More
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