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According to Shwalbe (1997), the social world is composed of groups that have different characteristics. This creates a uniqueness in the…
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Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Worldviews
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Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Worldviews People of varying ages, of different sexes, having different family structures and gender roles bear different ideas about organization life. According to Shwalbe (1997), the social world is composed of groups that have different characteristics. This creates a uniqueness in the manner the group, also known as patterns, address their issues. According to him, being sociologically mindful demands that people recognize that the world functions in patterned ways.
It is possible for people from different sexes to reason that there are fixed differences between them based on the way things are. For example, it’s common for men to be regarded as stronger than women. This is based on the average figures but not necessarily true when it comes to individual basis. From these characteristics of the different patterns, there are gender roles and people doing them may feel the assigning is based on a particular associated trait or observation. Similarly, different family structures are patterns in the social world. From these patterns, ideas emerge in relation to the upbringing of the people of these patterns and how it is probable to affect them or position them. The different family structures present an element of comparison into what differentiates people from those family structures. For instance, different family structures emphasize responsibility with carrying strictness. The issue of children out of wedlock emerges on a large scale if for a particular group, responsibility is not emphasized.
The manner of solving goals or achieving for people with different ideas and experiences is a sensitive issue. Schwalbe (2005) asserts that persons with different ideas and experiences are likely to make incomplete and selective judgment about others in a different pattern. This is where we see racism at its peak and police brutality towards certain groups that have been stereotyped. Reaching a point of compromise is hard as members of a pattern firmly cling to what they practice as the right course. This seems to be a typical scenario affecting the social world. These people need sociological mindfulness to handle the problems between them as well as achieve goals (Schwalbe, 1997).
Schwalbe, M. (2005). The Sociologically Examined Life: Pieces of the Conversation. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Read More
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