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Graduating College - Essay Example

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The main aim of making a rhetorical analysis is to consider the audience, purpose, stance, genre as well as the media/design for the particular…
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Graduating College
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Extract of sample "Graduating College"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, it examines the message being conveyed and its effectiveness as used by the author. This paper makes a rhetorical analysis of a piece of work written by Rodney Smith, examining the effectiveness of the various styles used by the author and the intended message.
The item, “Yes, A College Education is Worth the Costs” was written by Rodney Smith, who after being compelled by the situations in his upbringing, thought that having a college education was an important step and process for any person, since it opens that person to the many adventures and opportunities of life (Smith para 6). Rodney comes from a family that values education as an important and effective investment that gives many people opportunities in life.
Rodney’s father was helped to pursue his education by his grandma, who thought that having this education would help him make his life in the most effective way. Initially, his grandfather was of the opinion that he undertakes faming, but the pressure from his grandmother ensured that he pursued his education, managing to get a law degree that made all the difference in his life and family. In this case, it becomes evident that the author of the text seems to have a firm understanding and awareness of the need for education and that his support is not founded on misconceptions.
After analyzing this text, it is evident that Rodney, the author of this text had an implied purpose for writing this text. The goal of this writer in making this text is actually to convince those that do not see any value in education about its significance. This can be understood from the way, he gives detail to the path to his education. Explaining how his grandma had to convince his grandpa to invest in educating his dad.
After graduating with a law degree, his father realized that by educating his children, they would also have a better life. Rodney understands that many people exist who do not see any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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