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Facebook, previously known as The Facebook, is one of the main social networking sites in the world and one that has single-handedly connected the whole world at the touch of a button, revolutionized global relations and made the world in its truest meaning, a small village…
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Read the article then write essay
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"Read the article then write"

Download file to see previous pages rk, headquartered in Melno Park, California, US., had over 8,350 employees in the same time with Mark Zuckerberg serving as chairman and CEO while Sheryl Sandberg stands in as the COO. The company is traded as NASDAQ:FB in the stock exchange market (Harvell, 24-30).
Facebook was founded in February 4th 2004 and served only small regions in the United States in the next one year. However, in the following years, that is, from 2005 to date, the site has been operational worldwide (as it is now used by various individuals, organizations and governments) with its global presence ever increasing. The founders at the beginning had restricted membership only to students of Harvard but later allowed membership in neighboring colleges in Boston such as Stanford University and the Ivy League. Currently, through its webpage,, the site permits persons over age 13 to register as members then create for themselves user profiles, add other users as friends, like other brands/ persons/ groups, post photos and status updates, receive numerous relevant notifications, share videos and exchange messages (Harvell, 65-81).
I recently engaged and observed a few people in my quest to find out just how much the social network has changed people’s lives and dramatically revolutionized their ways of doing and seeing things. The results and views are quite frankly overwhelming with most persons able to cite with utmost confidence the numerous advantages and disadvantages of engaging the site. Mrs. Gordon, for instance, appreciates the fact that through Facebook, she has been able to successfully reconnect with long lost friends especially from her college years simply by typing their names, searching for them then sending them messages/ adding them as friends. She quips, “I have reacquired friends whose contacts I had lost long ago and dear people who I thought I would never see or talk to again through Facebook.” Moreover, Mrs. Gordon argues that Facebook is the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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