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In What Ways Do We Inherit Our Ideas and Beliefs From Our Family and Society - Essay Example

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This paper "In What Ways Do We Inherit Our Ideas and Beliefs From Our Family and Society?" focuses on the personality development of a child is shaped from the behaviours and beliefs that family and society imparts to the child. Each generation has its own set of environmental, social conditions.  …
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In What Ways Do We Inherit Our Ideas and Beliefs From Our Family and Society
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Extract of sample "In What Ways Do We Inherit Our Ideas and Beliefs From Our Family and Society"

Download file to see previous pages From the family, the child learns to trust and grow, and family care leads to the development of the behaviours and beliefs of the child. If the environment provided by the family is nurturing and positive, the child grows up to be a successful and happy person. He takes on risk to learn new things as he knows he has the support of the family, and even if he fails, his family is there to support him. The negative support from the family can lead to a completely opposite effect.
The example of family beliefs and its negative effect can be clearly seen in the literal work of William Faulkner and his short story “A Rose for Emily”. The story revolves around a daughter who is so distraught from the death of her father that she keeps his dead body to herself for a couple of days. She is so dependent on her father and secluded from the society that she refuses to let go of his body. Her dependency on father had led to her isolation from society, lack of a maternal figure and has disturbed relationships around.
Another example of family and its emphasis on the lives of an individual is highlighted in the literal work of Shirley Jackson “The Lottery”, which shows how families can turn against one another on basis of a single trigger. Initially, it was highlighted in the story that family bonds were so strong that all families stood together and each family member has to be present. All the actions within the story are carried out due to the effect of family relationships. However, as soon as one of the members Tessie draws out a marked paper, all those family members turn against her and stone her.
Another important factor that shapes the ideas and beliefs of an individual is the society, specifically the community. The sociological conditions have been affecting the individuals since the very beginning, however, each generation develops a new set of conditions. The present generation, for example, is socially ruled by the influence of technology, economy and media.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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In What Ways Do We Inherit Our Ideas and Beliefs From Our Family and S Essay.
“In What Ways Do We Inherit Our Ideas and Beliefs From Our Family and S Essay”, n.d.
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