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Advice to Your Peers: The Small Steps Toward Getting the Most out of College - Essay Example

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It involves making friends, becoming part of a community, and becoming independent. In life, social development enables one to become a complete human being. Since every individual faces unique challenges, developing socially as one joins…
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Advice to Your Peers: The Small Steps Toward Getting the Most out of College
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to classwork, one can also use upcoming events such as sports to initiate conversations. Once good conversations have been established, it can be easier to ask others about their names and a few details about themselves. Afterwards, strong bonds can build. In this stage, it is important to remember the names of people because it builds their confidence. The problem with this strategy of making friends is that not all people are comfortable with new people. For instance, in my situation, I sometimes find it hard to sustain a conversation with new people. However, if I force myself out of my comfort zone, I can manage to talk with new students.
Socialization with the aim of making friends can also be realized by doing class assignments with other students. For example, instead of doing homework in one’s room, it is always better to move to a different room where there are other students taking the same course. If one is residing outside college, it is also good to go to college particularly when there is time. Doing assignments with other students creates opportunities of knowing other people better. In the process, new friendships can be formed. The problem with this strategy is that it may be difficult to find approachable people who can allow other students to be in their rooms. It does not also work when most people are focused on their private studies. Nevertheless, it can still provide a better opportunity of learning the characters of other people.
After making friends, one becomes part of a college community. However, friendship alone is not the only way to become part of a community. There are other ways of becoming part of a community. For instance, one can participate in social events. In this case, an individual can start by joining a club or sports team. When one participates in such social events, there are high chances of meeting new students with similar interests. In this strategy, one does ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advice to Your Peers: The Small Steps Toward Getting the Most Out of Essay.
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