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Watching others in the act, skydiving looks like a simple and fun task. Once an individual gets on a plane and comes to the reality that they are going to skydive, they become frightened. Skydiving needs a lot of preparation…
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What it feels like to skydive
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What it Feels Like to Skydive al Affiliation) Skydiving is an interesting adventure and experience. Watching others in the act, skydiving looks like a simple and fun task. Once an individual gets on a plane and comes to the reality that they are going to skydive, they become frightened. Skydiving needs a lot of preparation while on the plane. This occurs for safety and motivation purposes. Immediately an individual is ready for the actual act, they leap forward and out of the plane.
Once a person is out of the plane, they are literally flying. All the senses become active with no clue of what could happen the next moment. Then there is a downward acceleration, where someone falls with no expectation to land. This occurs at high speeds of about 150 miles per hour and surprisingly, it is hard to feel the speed (Mattern, 2010). At one moment, it feels like there is zero gravity where there is a floating sensation. After a while, an individual realizes that there is an upward push from the strength of the wind. The environment is contradictory because it is calm and so loud at the same time.
After a successful adventure, it is time to pull the chute. This immediately changes the excitement and the mood of the experience. The chute goes down in a slow manner that someone can get dizzy and only the wind reminds someone of the heights. In a moment, the chute makes landing easy and enjoyable. At this point, a person feels dizzy and their ears could pop due to the changes in atmospheric pressure. Skydiving is indeed a worthy adventure.
Mattern, J. (2010). Skydiving. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Publishing Read More
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What It Feels Like to Skydive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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