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Kavanaugh questions the morality of the current U.S treatment of undocumented immigrants. He is a Jesuit priest and he advocates for a frank dealing with “the multiple causes of illegal immigration. He points…
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Summary of ONE article for Rhetorical Analysis
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A Summary of Kavanaugh’s Argument In his article “Amnesty?” from the American magazine, John F. Kavanaugh questions the morality of the current U.S treatment of undocumented immigrants. He is a Jesuit priest and he advocates for a frank dealing with “the multiple causes of illegal immigration. He points out that most immigrants are not criminals, but they are hard-working, family oriented people. He attributes the recent increase in immigration to the North American Free Trade Agreement and the poverty it is causing among rural Mexican farmers. Kavanaugh reports that the U.S bishops recently protested the “anti-humane” treatment of immigrants and called for a fair and realistic reform. He also mentions the anti-immigration groups, residents on the border, and business owners who have resisted the bishops and any treatment that resembles “amnesty.”
Kavanaugh’s piece tries to culminate with his argument that a nation that identifies itself as “Judeo-Christian and humane” should follow biblical teachings, higher law, and the courageous example of leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. in challenging unjust laws. Admitting that unrestrained immigration would help nobody, Kavanaugh exhorts the country to move constructively towards legal status to anyone who contributes to other people’s common good. He further suggests a radically new solution to this problem. He suggests that the country needs a citizen panel for the review of an immigrant’s legal status. He finally concludes by stating that turning away undocumented immigrants is an immoral act whose motive is self-interest (Kavanaugh).
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Kavanaugh, John F. “Amnesty?” America 10 Mar. 2008: 8. Report in Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings. New York: Pearson Longman, 2012: 38-39. Print Read More
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