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Several aspects of the Bible have been used to explain the importance of women in the society. In the movie, there is a well-orchestrated dialog between men and…
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Designing women art
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Designing women art In the video d designing women art, there is a lot about gender, being presented in a theological dimension. Several aspects of the Bible have been used to explain the importance of women in the society. In the movie, there is a well-orchestrated dialog between men and women character that depicts gender profiling that is being used to subordinate one gender. In reality, the dialog mirrors what is in the society and how women are being taken as the second fiddle especially in church.
The movie has used five female characters to pass across very sensitive gender question and in dimension spiritual words. The characters include Dixie Carter, Annie Pott, Jean Smatt and Starring Delta Burke. The narrative and dialog is very articulated and passes the information in very sober manner. The sole information being adopted in the move is the role of women in the church. The role that they are being given in their capacity to serve. This role according to the movie is measured against the quality they possess (Alsup & Wendy, 2008 pg.30).
A good example of the role that women get in church against the quality that they possess is when one of Jean Smatt who it is said that she has a good voice that can be productive in ministering the word of God, she is relegated to only singing. One of the male chauvinist does not by the idea and says that women used to minister a long time ago but not in the modern time. The field of ministering the word is dominated by men, unlike the past. On that note, it can clearly be seen due gender profiling and overlooking the capability of women is the main cause of subordinating women in active roles (Alsup & Wendy, 2008 pg.46).
Most importantly, in the movie is when female character shows their importance biblically. First, women were missionaries and they helped to many people through their mission. This show the role of women in the church has been helpful and diverse to the extent that they went the far places as the missionaries for the outreach programs of the other people in the far places to help them see the light. On note, its important to remember that in church, women right away from history to the modern time, the role of women in the growth of the church cannot be underestimated.
Interestingly, in the movie another role of the movie has been well illustrated by use one Starring Delta Burke and other women in conversation with one of the men. In the conversation, from a biblical point of view, the role of women and how they need to be represented is brought out from a much unexpected part of the Bible. In the story, the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is brought into the fore. The story which elevate the status of the woman biblically than the way they are taken in modern time (Alsup & Wendy, 2008 pg.35), narrates that after Jesus was crucified, its only women that remained back and they are the ones that came with the news that He had resurrected from death. This places importance of the women they should hold in the church than in the current time.
In summation, the movie is addressing the gender concern in church. The subordination that is experience in the modern world church that is fully dominated by men. The biblical perspectives are in favor of women having an equal say in the church as shown from the Bible narrative as used by the characters in the Bible. The movie has devoted its viewership on the place the women has been given in the modern time church as compared with the biblical take.
Alsup, Wendy H. Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives. Wheaton, Ill: Crossway Books, 2008. Internet resource. Read More
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