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About my major and me - Essay Example

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I am an outstanding student with an exceptional record in academic work and extracurricular activities. My studies at the university have been…
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About my major and me
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Extract of sample "About my major and me"

My Major and Me My is Saleh Almansoori, a 22 years old undergraduate studying mathematics as a major in Northern Colorado University. I am an outstanding student with an exceptional record in academic work and extracurricular activities. My studies at the university have been excellent. Most importantly, a course in mathematics has been interesting and equally challenging. Notably, my performance record shows that I have been up to the challenge. The study environment at the university has been helpful in shaping me to become a great mathematician.
Following graduation, I purpose to depart back to Dubai to pursue a career related to my major. Fortunately, mathematics graduates have numerous career choices that are useful in excising practical skills learnt in the disciplines. Being a mathematician has always been my long-term aspiration. The Northern Colorado University, particularly the mathematics department, has a wonderful and equally professional preparation for mathematics undergraduates (Holton 120). The experience in the school will be significant in the realization of my dream.
My goals include integration of math in the society to improve the quality of life. First, I would love to be a general mathematician to offer consultation services. My services should include assistance in data analytics for researchers, tutoring of junior math students and assisted budgeting for mid-sized businesses. Such services are very vital in Dubai during a time of economic down turn. In addition to the achievement of my goals, I would commit myself to motivating others in pursuing a major study in mathematics as well. As a tutor, I would love to integrate math in other disciplines such as physics and health education.
Work Cited
Holton, Derek. The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at University Level: An ICMI Study. New York: Springer Science & Business Media, 2001. Print. Read More
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