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Was Marilyn Sheppard sexually assaulted and is there any biological evidence? The only evidence from the full police report shows that her head was bludgeoned several times. What other information can be gained from her autopsy? She was attacked unaware such that she could…
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Sam Sheppard Questions and Answers
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1. Where was the son at the time of the incident? He was at home asleep in his room upstairs next to his parents’ room. 2. Was Marilyn Sheppard sexually assaulted and is there any biological evidence? The only evidence from the full police report shows that her head was bludgeoned several times. What other information can be gained from her autopsy? She was attacked unaware such that she could not defend herself. Is there any evidence she scratched her attacker? There is no such evidence that she scratched her attacker. Was she expecting a second child? Yes
3. Is there any additional information regarding her jewelry/ring? It is only stated that her watch was found with blood stains and there is no mention of other jewellery indeed the drawers were ransacked but it seems nothing was taken.
4. Is there any other viable alternative explanation from letters sent to the police? The letters specifically reflect diverse views of the members of the public given that this case is of public interest. Some letters are giving tips that can be helpful in carrying out the investigations of this case while others are expressing their sentiments as to whether Sam is guilty or not.
5. Is there additional information regarding injuries to Sam Sheppard at time of incident? It seems there is no sufficient information with regards to Sam Sheppard at the time of the incident. Focus is on the murder of Marilyn, his wife it is only stated that he was rushed to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.
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