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Growing - Assignment Example

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Students, who spent more time on social media at the expense of their academic obligations, suffer from a variety of challenges including underperformance. Digital technologies, however, play an…
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Extract of sample "Growing"

Effect of Digital Technology on Education Introduction Digital technology poses profound effects on academic performance. Students, who spent more time on social media at the expense of their academic obligations, suffer from a variety of challenges including underperformance. Digital technologies, however, play an integral role in academic performance depending on how the student uses it (Richtel, 2010). When properly utilized, digital technology results in academic improvement such as that observed in Vishal’s filmmaking class. Students should exercise self-control with strengthened advice from parents regarding the use of technological devices. Balancing classroom activities and creating time for co-curricular is essential in reaffirming student’s academic performance. Social media interaction through Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, are critical to keeping learners updated on vital issues and trends in their fields of study.
Personal View
Digital technology plays an integral role in shaping today’s life. Technology has a great influence in nearly all the fields of life ranging including education. Introduction of distance learning allows people from all walks of live to access quality education regardless of their location. Digital technologies improve access to information, storage, and retrieval of documents through development of school websites and cloud computing. According to Higgins, Xiao & Katsipataki (2012), studies linking provision and use of technology to attainment indicate consistent positive association with education outcomes.
Computers are essential in carrying out research, doing assignments and presentation as they provide the based updated information. Technology acts as a supplement to regular teaching hence should not be applicable as a replacement. In addition, tested attainment gains are evident in mathematics, science and in improving the learners writing intervention in literacy. In conclusion, being a user of the digital devices such as laptops and tablets, I regularly visit social media as a source of vital information and interaction with friends’ schedule in their daily program. Balancing of academic and other activities is my crucial tool in monitoring and limiting unproductive use of technologies.
Higgins, S., Xiao, Z. & Katsipataki, M. (2012, November 26). The Impact of Digital Technology on Learning: A summary for the Education Endowment Foundation. Full Report. London: Durham University Education Endowment Foundation.
Richtel, M. (2010, November 21). “Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction.” The New York Times. Retrieved January 12, 2015 from: Read More
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