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Compare the Industrial Age with the Era of Modernism - Essay Example

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The industrial age was the period during the 18th and the 19th century when the world experienced major changes in transportation, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and technology that brought major difference in the socioeconomic and cultural conditions of people beginning…
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Compare the Industrial Age with the Era of Modernism
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Extract of sample "Compare the Industrial Age with the Era of Modernism"

Industrial Age and the Era of Modernism Industrial Age and the Era of Revolution The industrial age was the period during the 18th and the 19th century when the world experienced major changes in transportation, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and technology that brought major difference in the socioeconomic and cultural conditions of people beginning from the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the modern era refers to the period that conceives the modern thought, practice, and character. The essay will try to compare the two different periods with much emphasis on innovation and change as well as similarities.
During the industrial era, there were a lot of revolution that came with many inventions that became the key pillar of the revolution. During that era, revolution begun by the mechanization of the textile industry and the iron-making techniques that were developed that increased the use of refined coal (Shamkhal 2011). The revolution was also characterized by the introduction of steam power that was primarily fuelled by coal. There was also the introduction of canals, improved railways and roads that also played a part in expanding trade. During this period, however, things were done in a more primitive and backward way, when compared to the modern era.
The modern era is also characterized by a number of revolutions and innovations that are majorly seen in the way people do things that are more mechanized and computerized than the industrial era (Nagla 2010). The modern era brought about the invention of faster-operating computers that have propelled so many other innovative activities come up that completely bring the whole world a global village. During the modern era, people use machines operated by nuclear and electricity power. Trade has been made easy by the roads that have been tarmacked, electric trains and aircrafts that enable goods to be ferried from one country to another within hours. Therefore, the two era were marked by revolutions; however, the modern revolution is characterized with more innovation, faster ways of doing things as well as advanced technology. On the other hand, the industrial revolution was also characterized with lots of inventions and improvement of technology even though the technology used then was backward and could not do much.
A lot of changes have been realized since the revolution era. To begin with, in the communications sector, during the industrial revolution, people used to pass information through the use of the word of mouth. Then the use of sending letters came up which could take several days, weeks or even months before being delivered. In the modern era, there became the invention and use of telephones that made it easy to pass information from one place to another. Computers could also be used for instant communication through electronic mail service. The innovation has continued to impact the advancement in technological development in the modern world to even see the initiation of mobile phones that can now allow instant communications. Modern era has seen a transformation take place in a lot of areas that has made it easy for us to carry out a lot of duties through a mechanized way.
In a nutshell, the industrial era brought a lot of transformation in many different areas including transportation, technology, agriculture, mining and the rest. However, the transformation was not that advanced as it was during the modern era. The modern era brought with it a lot of advancement and more sophisticated improvements on the foundation laid down by the industrial revolution. A lot of things were mechanized and computerized, and things were made easier than during the industrial era.
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