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The Great War And The Making Of A Modern Western Culture - Research Paper Example

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When World War 1 came to the end, Wilson Woodrow proposed an organization of international representation in the League of Nations. The paper "The Great War And The Making Of A Modern Western Culture" discusses the process of great changes during afterwar industrialization in America…
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The Great War And The Making Of A Modern Western Culture
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Extract of sample "The Great War And The Making Of A Modern Western Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The European leaders had no interest in a just peace and preferred a retribution. Consequently, there was no clear agreement between the four. The period after the Great War most European countries were experiencing a big depression. Moreover, some empires were weakened and some destroyed while on the other hand, America was undergoing great changes of industrialization.
After world war 1 which is known to as the great war, there was the rapid growth of industrialization. Moreover, new products were made to revolutionize the American lifestyle. Furthermore, the living standard of most Americans has upgraded therefore the new America after the war was more developed compared to the one before.
Henry Ford came up with affordable horseless carriages. Moreover, widespread of these carriages brought in changes in patterns of work and plans for leisure time. Furthermore, there were more launching of industries which resulted to change in the education sector.
The radio usage contributed to the rise in national popular culture across the region and enable people to share the same sense of humor. Moreover, people took interest in the same fads and worshipped the same heroes. Furthermore, leisure time was increased since the house workload had been reduced with the use of home devices.
The great sacrifices of the war became a past as young people were more into cutting loose and having a fun. Moreover, the speakeasy culture kept on flowing as well as the increasing use of alcohol (Beunker & Ratner, 2005). Consequently, gang violence associated with bootleg liquor became rampant in the cities. In addition, young women started engaging in male activities like smoking and drinking as well as indulging in sexual activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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